13 MAY 1848, Page 9


On the 19th April, at Brussels, the Hon. Mrs. Edward Erskine, of a daughter. On the 2d May, at the Hirsel, N.B., the Countess of Home. of a son.

on the 4th, prematurely, at Castle Kelly, in the county or Galway, the Lady of Cap-

j. P. Hawkins, Royal Engineers, of a daughter.

On the 5th, at Hollybrook, County Sligo, the Lady of Sir Thomas Erskine, Bart., of Carob. Fifeshlre, of a daughter. On the 5th, at Chillenden Rectory, Kent, the Lady of the Rev. Egerton Douglas Hammond, of a son. On the 6th, at Putney, the Lady of Colonel Snotty% Scots Fusilier Guards, of a daughter.

On the 6th, at Blenheim Palace, the Hutches of MarlboroLgh, of a daughter.

On the 6th, in Cutzon Street, Mayfair, the Lady Elizabeth Laseelles, of a son.

On the 7th, at Thirbum Castle, Oxon the Lady Mary Parker, of a daughter. On the 7th, in Chester Square, the Lady of A. L. Goddard, Esq., M.P., of the Lawn, Swindon, of a son. On the 7th, at Westover, Isle of Wight, the Lady of the Hon. William A'Court Heinle% of a son. On the 7th, at •TrestIllan House, Cornwall, the Wife of Richard Gully Bennet, Esq., J.P., of a daughter. On the 10th, at Watford Court, Northamptonshire, the Lady Henley, of a daughter.

On the 10th, in BerkeleySquare, the Hon. Mrs. James Stuart Wortley, of a daughter.


On the 3d May, at Plymouth, the Rev. Thomas Coulthard, M.A., Curate of High- worth, Wilts, second son of J. B. Coulthard, Esq, of Binstead Hill. Hants, to Eliza- beth, eldest daughter of the Rev. John Hatcharcl, Vicar of St. Andrew's, Plymouth. On the 4th. at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Exeter, G. C. Tugwell, Esq., of Crowe Hall, near Bath, to Virghola Arnold, daughter of the late Major-General George Mackie, G.S.

On the 4th, at Todmordeo Henry, second son of John Brocklehurst, Esq.. M.P., of Burchfield' House, Cheshire, Ann, second daughter of John Fieldeu, Esq., of Centre Vale, and of Skeyne's Park, Kent, late M.P. for Oldham.

On the 4th, at Stenelefgh, the Hon. and Rev. Henry Pitt Cholmondeley, youngest son of Lord Delamere, to the Hon. Mary Leigh, daughter of Lord Leigh, of Stonelelgh Abbey. On the 8th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Robert Peel Dawson, Esq., late Captain In the Grenadier Guards, eldest son of the Right Hon. George Robert Dawson, of Upper Grosvenor Street, and Castledawerni, Ireland, to the Hon. Mary Elizabeth Brownlow, eldest daughter of the late, arta sister of the present, Lord Lurgan.

On the 9th, at the Catholic Chapel, Spanish Place, and afterwards at St. John's Church, Paddington' Edmund Sheridan Dillon Purcell, Esq., third son of the late Rich- ard Purcell, Esq , of Cranford, to Jane, youngest daughter of Sir Francis Des Angus.

On the 9th, at Kingston Church, Hants, Commander Frederick Kemble, to Georgina Eliza, eldest daughter of Lieutenant-General Sir David Ximenes, K.C.H., of Bear Ash, Berks.

On the 10th. at fit.Mary's, Islington, Bryan William Morris, Esq., son of Rear-Ad- miral Morris, of the Gores, to Mary WhIttIng Lever, niece of William Whftting, Esq., Thorney Abbey, Cambridgeshire.

On the 10th. at St. Marylebone Church, Barff Tucker. Esq., of Percy Street, Bedford Square, to the Hon. Frances Elizabeth Henley Oogley, daughter of the Right Hon. the late Lord Ongiey.

On the 11th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, the Hon. John Arbuthnot Keane, Captain of the It•fie Brigade, second son of the late Lieutenant-General the Right Bert. Lord Keane, G.C.B. and G.C.H., to Mary Jane, youngest daughter of the late. and sister of the present. Sir Hugh Palliser Palliser, Bart.

On the 11th. at Newbold-upon-Avon, Charles Evelyn Rowley, Commander Royal Navy, eldest son of Sir Charles Rowley, Bart., to Grace Anna, daughter of J. W. Broughton Leigh, Esq., of Brownsover Hall, Warwickshire.

On the 11th, at Boston, In the General Baptist Church, Mr. John Noble jun., only son of John Noble, Esq., Mayor of that Borough, to Harriet, second daughter of the late Mr. William Maltby, of Sutterton.


On the 11th December, on his return voyage from India, Thomas Tickell Barclay, Esq., last surviving brother of the present Sir Robert Barclay, Bart., of Pierstoun, Ayrshire ; in his 26th year.

Oa the 14th February, on the Mozambique coast, of fever, Commander James Rich- ard Deere% of H.M.S. Nimrod ; in his 36th year.

On the 8th April, at Montreal, Phipps John Hornby, Esq., Captain Royal Engineers, eldest son of Rear-Admiral Phipps Hornby, of Littlegreen, Sussex ; in his 27th year. On the let May, at Mount Shannon, near Sligo, David FitsGerald, Et•ci , Poor-law Inspector, eldest son of the BJght Hon. Maurice FitzGerald, Knight of Kerry ; in his 43d year.

On the 6th, In Suffolk-Place, Alexander Douglas Douglas, Esq., fourth son of the late Lieutenant-General Sir Kenneth Douglas, Ban.

On the 7th, in Camden Street, Camden Town, William Tunley, Req.; in his 95th year.