13 MAY 1848, Page 9

The advices of yesterday morning from Paris state that General

Ca- vaignac had arrived in that capital from Algiers.

The following are the Ministers officially appointed by the Executive Committee of the National Assembly—

Foreign Affairs, M. Bastide; War, M. Charras; Finance, M.Duclerc; Justice, M. Cremieus; Public Instruction, M. Carnot; Commerce, M. Flown; Publics Worship, M. Bethmont; Public Works, M. Trelat; Marine, M..Catiy; Interior, Id. Recurt.

A report received yesterday is confirmed today-1;..at orders have been received at Boulogne to put the coast there in a complete state of defence —especially to arm the seaward forts.

Insurrection again broke out at Madrid, on the 7th instant, and was quelled by Narvaez after several hours of bloody conflict. Captain-General Fulgosio, brother-in-law to Queen Christina, was killed. Thirty-four pri- soners, civil and military men, had been tried by court-martial and sen- tenced to death, and were about to be shot when the post came away.

Madrid had been again declared in a state of siege and General Pezuela was appointed Captain-General. On the other hand, it is said that Es- partero has been sent for by the Queen, on the advice of the Moderados!

From Rome, under date May 3, we learn that, contrary to the intelli genes given in the last accounts, the Pope persisted in his determination not to declare war against Austria. His Holiness was surrounded and threatened by the National Guards.—Daily News.

There is a report from Berlin, that the body of Poles under Micro- slawski were defeated on the 7th, and have surrendered at discretion.