13 NOVEMBER 1847, Page 2

Cbt eourt.

Tim event of the week has been the celebration of the Prince of Wales's birthday, on Tuesday. A number of distinguished guests were invited to the Castle on the occasion; and they accompanied the Queen, Prince Al- bert, and the Royal children, to an inspection of troops in the Home Park. There was a dinner-party in the evening. A pretty general illumination lighted up the town, and a large party of the inhabitants dined together at the Royal Adelaide Motel; the genie and fruit being the gift of her Ma- jesty.

On Sunday afternoon, the Queen and Prince Consort, with the Prince of Wales, the Princess Royal, and the Princess AliCe, walked, for some time on the Terrace, amongst the fashionableaof Windsor; who appear to have behaved with tolerable decorum.

l'he visiterr at the Casthrduring the week have been the Count and Countess ol Dietrichstein, Barim de Brunow, the Earl and Countess of Jersey, and Lady Clementina Villiers, thesEarl and Countess Spencer, Vis- count Palmerston, Sir Rbbert and Lady Gardiner, and the Reverend Dr. Phllpott. Prince Albert has enjoyed the sport of shooting in company with Count Dietrichstein, the Earl of Jersey, and Earl Spencer; with the last of whom ha hunted on Thursday morning. The Duke of Cambridge went to the Royal Military College at Sand- hurst on Monday, and returned to Kew on Wednesday.