13 NOVEMBER 1858, Page 14


Bel ail, 2d Norember 1858. ..-2811C-The recent memorial of these interested icr the French canals -to their Government, concerning the competition, of the railways, appears to he regarded in this country as an expression of the purest and narrowest teetioMem. This view appears to me erroneous. The memorialists say they do not object to fair competition, but they complain of unfair competi- tion; they complain of the railway companies for charging a low tariff on -*hose 'portions of their lines where they have competition from the canals to meet, and indemnifying themselves by means of a high tariff where they are free from enoupetition. Now,thia is not fair ctunpetation ; and in a country .where, as ha France, the Government has the supreme direction of public Works, the canal interests have a right to ask the'Oorernment to compel the rail:ray etnnpanieito charge the 'Seine tariff on all parts of their lines.