13 NOVEMBER 1858, Page 9

4J1 tljratris. The new piece, entitled the The Tale of a

Coat, which Dr. Franck and Mr. W. Brough, have concocted for the Ilaymarket Theatre, has at say

of the siiititTaulls Molirret,: Add on that particular figure depends the

infl fhb& nehini %tick iigain-from the Spanish ,frentier to Paris,' all.1# iciRfOTialengthened narrative, we should afford stnall pleasure le ' rietidtml; itiainaleh as we could not show them the figure lit, i iltii ha IOW *Abject ef the Ifotttpensier instringe, owrgl %bears** ifeques Molinet from Pails tb• the will r be 'hid order to recover a loft coat, ' eon- of pxactly 11041 the actor, who plays the printipal c fan of the:Atary,.. Let it then be imagined that Mr. Charles Mathews represents a bragging felicity ,of dm tradvamall class, half-aruPidi Indf- shrewd, ready. to undertake any mission however difficult, and ready to .break dPwn in anY. tindertaking, bewetter easy, proneto commit blunders, ,bitt bold in facing them wheutinee committed, brazen in countenance, 410e in flume, and quiekrather than lucky in expedients,—let all this be imagined, we say, and the charm Of the piece will'become much more intelligible than it could be rendered by any detailed description of the

. •

Riot. • ' PARISIAN' Tuskrarear.A.

At the Opera Comique there is 'a new Work, composed by M. Gautier to -wear*. by• :MM.. Leuven: and -Beauplan, and entitled :La: l'arehante. The scene is laid in Florence. Lyeaste, a misguided young gentleman, litho might have married, a. charming cousin, has abandoned himself to lhefaseicetious, Oft( certaith Theist who is represented. by Madame Marie !Ctibeli. and Appears to )e the most heartless creature possible., At the 4,, however, the pretty cousin and_ the dangeroni Bacchante prove to

one and the same person,

r•-_, M. Pant Meuriee has lately preented the French public 'with 'a new ;drama, :cpagetedlifirit la Talipe. The plot is far too intricate 'for desCrip- ticiti, int-dWo May briefly state' that Panfan, played by M. Melingue is Infadediliii the type of a chivalrous ynung Soldier of atout a century andthict historieid significance is given to. the action, by the intro- Mailaine Pompadour and 'Maurepas among the dramatis per- The theatre, favoured with this highly successful :work is the cAitabigu Comique. Madame Grisi has made her first appearance for the season as Leouore ;in I Troratore,.the.other parts being sustained by Madame Alboni, Ma- rie And Grazieni. the .Attiebelli of Verdi is announced among the coming

novelties, • •