13 NOVEMBER 1869, Page 1

Dr. Temple was elected to the Bishopric of Exeter on

Thurs- day by the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, and obtained a majority of 13 to 6. Dean Boyd, Chancellor Harrington, Archdeacon Phillpotts (eldest son of the late bishop), also the Archdeacons of Barnstaple and Totnes, Canon Cook, and Prebendary Mackar- nem, were amongst those who voted for Dr. Temple. A Colonial Bishop (Bishop Trower), the Archdeacon of Exeter, and Canon Lee voted against him. Four members of the Chapter were absent. It is sufficiently remarkable that in Dr. Hampden's case, when no less than thirteen bishops opposed the choice made by the Crown, there was a much larger majority for Dr. Hampden in the Chapter of Hereford, than there is now for Dr. Temple in the Chapter of Exeter. Dr. Hampden was elected by a majority of 14 to 2, or, 7 to 1, while the majority for Dr. Temple (against whom not a single bishop, as far as we know, has declared himself) is only just over 2 to 1. Are the Bishops be- coming wider-minded, and the inferior clergy straiter-laced ? Or is it only that the Chapter of Exeter is keener for orthodoxy than the Chapter of Hereford was in 1847?