13 NOVEMBER 1909, Page 16



Six,—There appear to be some unhappy people who, while shuddering at the words "compulsory service," yet feel con- strained to keep an uneasy eye on the North Sea. These waverers may find a tonic interest in the stoutly expressed sentiments of that fine old soldier, Sir Harry Smith, at the time of the war scare of 1859. The following passages are from his Autobiography :—

" I would gradually enrol every man in England who has a vote, and teach them to shoot. That is all we require at present; plenty of time to talk of a little drill and embodiment. And as we may become threatened by war, I would enrol all game- keepers and their helpers as Light Infantry, or rather Riflemen. 1 would enrol all the navvies, give them arms, but call them ' Pioneers.' I would enrol all the Railroad men, not to take them from the rail, but to teach them to shoot."

"I would never talk of war, but thus show such a set of Bulldog teeth, as no sensible enemy would like the grip of. All this in aid of the Regular Army, the Militia, &c."

" Arm the people, who have demonstrated their readiness. Place such an armament under a system of organization which would

ensure obedience Thus would England be so armed as to prevent the melancholy exhibition of a Panic, as injurious to her trade throughout the world as it is degrading to her position as a State. Nothing so well ensures the friendship of nations as irresistible power."

Again, in 1860, Sir Harry writes "My war-cry for England has ever been, Arm the people

Teaze not our youths as volunteers with the minutiae of drill—a few things are alone necessary. To march in quick-time, to march in column, form line, gain ground to the right and left, to advance again in line, to extend and occupy bridges or walls ; a rallying square may be practised. Then, to be good shots. Pluck enough they have, and with prompt obedience, England's regular army, so nobly supported, and its numbers so increased, can, may, and trill defy the —. Let our watchword be 'Arm the People."

Bulatoayo, Rhodesia.