13 NOVEMBER 1909, Page 29

Nsw EDITION8. — Poems by Mr. Gray. (H. Frowde. 2s. 6d. net.)—This

edition is reproduced exactly from the edition of 1768. The two poems which appeared between that date and the death of the poet (1771) are given in an appendix. They are the "Ode Performed in the Senate House" and the "Long Story." —Heats : Poems Published in 1820. (Same publisher. 2s. 6d. net.)—The title of this reprint sufficiently indicates its nature. The publishers were Taylor and Hersey, and they prefix this note: " If any apology be thought necessary for the appearance of the unfinished poem of Hvvmuow, the publishers beg to state that they alone are responsible, as it was printed at their particular request, and contrary to the wish of the author." The poem was intended to be of equal length with " Endymion," but the reception given to that work discouraged the author from pro- ceeding. So we see what the Quarterly, "so savage and tartarly," and its head executioner, Croker, are responsible for.—Peacock's Memoirs of Shelley, with Shelley's Letters to Peacock. Edited by H. F. D. Brett-Smith. (Same publisher. 2s. 6d. net.) Robinson Crusoe. By Daniel Defoe. Illustrated by Gertrude Leese. (George Bell and Sons. 5s. net.)—The illustrations, eight of which are coloured, are drawn with spirit and are generally attractive.—The Pickwick Papers. By Charles Dickens. Collected and Annotated by C. Van Noorden. 2 vole. (Chapman and Hall. 21s. net.)—The " Topical " edition, so called because "the object has been to produce an edition of 'Pickwick -which shall form a complete topical commentary upon the life of the time." This has been done by a careful collection of details, and by a number of illustrations, consisting of buildings, portraits, &c. The "extra" illustrations in the two volumes considerably exceed a hundred in number. Altogether, this is a very praiseworthy effort, a valuable contribution to the Dickens cultus.—In "Lloyd's Sixpenny Dickens" (Edward Lloyd), A Tale of Two Cities.