13 NOVEMBER 1926, Page 29

THE ROMANY STAIN. By Christopher Morley. (Heine- mann. 7s. 6d.

net.)—Mr. Morley's novel, Thunder on the Left,- was so brilliant that his essays seem in comparison unsub- stantial, however delicate and sensitive. This author has a most special and delightful sense of the absurd, a keen eye for '

the small, important fragments of daily life, and fine imagina- tion just now and then inclined to turn woolly. His style is

unimpeachably living and natural. Out of the way corners of London, the noise and vivacity of French towns, provide Mr. Morley with an occasion for writing 1,500 words of enter- taining prose. But perhaps the most charming of these sketches is " Slow Gin," a study of Santa Claus in his leisure . hours. The book will appeal particularly to those who like, reading in sips, and who therefore can savour the special flavour of this delightfully gossipy writer.