13 NOVEMBER 1926, Page 34


How far the increased prosperity of the De Beers Consoli- dated Mines may be connected with the stabilization of the market for diamonds cannot precisely be determined, but, at all events, the latest annual Report of the company is a most excellent one. Even in a great concern like De Beers an increase of over £1,000,000 in the profits makes a pretty striking showing, the figure being £3,161,000 against £2,193,000. Of this increase about £260,000 is due to greater income from investments. As usual, the balance-sheet itself is a strong one. and Special Investments have been adjusted to market prices or under. The total assets amount to no less than £15,378,000. After paying a dividend on the Deferred Shares at the rate of 30s., the General Reserve stands at £1,899,000, and Reserve Investments at £3,560,000, with a further amount of £1,868,000 on account of Special Invest- ments. The outlook for the company should also be good, for it may be recalled that the present diamond selling agree- ment, including the four large diamond producers of the world, extends for practically another five years.