13 NOVEMBER 1936, Page 3

A New Employment Record The Ministry of Labour's latest figures

show that in October unemployment was lower than for six years and employment higher than it has ever Leen. Since Sep- tember it has increased by 21,000, and since October, 1935, by 599,000, to the present figure of 11,103,000. This is the first time it has ever been over 11,000,000, the highest previous figure being 10,316,000, in the boom year of 1929. The satisfaction inspired by these figures is increased by the knowledge that the improvement is not confined to Great Britain, but extends to France and the United States also ; it is particularly encouraging, moreover, that 10,189 juveniles found employment in October. This absorption of new labour coming on the market contrasts strikingly with the solid core of unemployment, which by now is largely restricted to particular districts—the so-called special areas. They promise to remain "special" for some time.