13 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

Sir John Pakington addressed the United-Schoolmasters of South Staffordshire on

Thursday week, saying, in a lengthy speech,--that education depended chiefly upon instructors, and that it was ex- pedient to form schoolmasters into a close profession, like the medical one. That suggestion is new, and will, we venture to say, be heard of again very often. It would suit the profession exactly, and we are not quite sure that it would not snit the public, which has at present no means whatever of judging between.one -schoolmaster and another. The new system would not, of course, secure good schoolmasters, any more than it would secure good doctors, but it would secure us against thoroughly ignorant men. The worst of it is,—that a schoolmaster trained from boyhood to be such is so often a lamentable ass ! No training seems so to dviarf the brain.