13 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

The Northern Daily Express, a respectable paper, we believe, attributes

revolting cruelty to the 'Guardians of Gateshead. It has been discovered, apparently by the Visiting -Committee, that they have been "for years" in the habit of locking up refractory paupers in the dead-house with the corpses. A more scientific and refined mode of torture among a superstitious people could not be devised, or one anora., likely to fill the pauper lunatic asylums. -It is possible there may be an answer to this charge, but if there is not, we do trust some one in Gateshead will find the funds for an action for false imprisonment, to which the guardians have most certainly made themselves liable. We have always contended that it would be necessary one day to make torture a separate offence, between murder and aggravated assault.