13 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

The Papal Legion raised at Antibes is not apperently.a.snccess. The

men volunteered for it under an impression that they were to be the Pope's personal guard, to live well, and receive great wages, but on their, arrival at Civita Vecchia were prdered off to garrison Viterbo. They refused almost mutinously to go, and were at last almost compelled by the French Commandant in Rome. They, however, Insisted that they would not march under the Papal banner, twisted the tricolour round the standard, and replaced St. Michael by -the Imperial eagle. There is,a weakness somewhere in the Papal system which has.never yet beemexP4inefi- One would have *ought it not only possible, but, easy, to revive one of the orders of military monks, and fill it with.enthusiastic Cetho- lies, but every attempt to obtain troops for the Papacy breaks down. Either •they run away, or they refuse, to obey orders, or they VerreLebelit ;their pay NA rations.