13 OCTOBER 1866, Page 22

Karl of the Locket and his Three Wisher: By David

Smith. (Nintrif6.) —A pretty book, anticipatory of Christmas, containing a pleasant German story, told in a nice, simple way. It purports to 'conviasi the moral that people, little boys in particular, wish in ignorance for things that will not benefit them, but this is not obtrusively put forward, ands easily escapes notice in the smooth flow of the narrative. Some per- sons will not be offended at the discovery of another principle that be deduced from it, to wit, that good blood will show itself under adverse circumstances. But its merit does not consist in its moral so much as in the attractive simplicity of the style and the naturalness of the-par- sonages who figure in it, whether it is the small hero himself or Hans Pennywise, the miller, with the very white blouse and the very red face ; or the noble Count Ehrenher; the descendant of the legendary hunter of the Dunkenwald.