13 OCTOBER 1866, Page 22

The American Annual Register. Embricing political, civil, military, and social

affairs ; public documents, biography, statistics, commerce, finance, literature, science, and mechanical industry. (Appleton, New York.)—This American Annual Register is fuller than our own, and con- tains a mass of information on an infinite variety of subjects; these subjects are arranged in alphabetical order, so that the reader who is addicted to beginning at the beginning and going straight through his book will pass from the "Anglican Churchee" to "Army Operations," and to the statis- tics of "Petroleum," from an obituary notice of Lord Palmerston. The tone is on the whole impartial, as will be seen in the delicate topic of "Diplomatic. Negotiations," and the style business-like ; and it is diffi- cult to imagine any matter connected with America, and pertaining to the year 1863, on which information would be sought in vain in the volume. It embraces the final military operations of the war, the disbandment of the armies, the peaceful occupation of the Southern States, and the re-establishment of the central and State governments ; and amongst other public documents contains the messages of Presidents Lincoln and Johnson, and the final report of General Grant.