13 OCTOBER 1866, Page 3

Lord Robert Montagu and fir. Thomas "lIawksley have been haying

a sharp duel about the posibility of sabEitituting eerth- ,cleeets for water-closets in great cities. That the earth does really ,cleoclorize and disinfect completely, even if need invery moderate -quantities, while water actually spreads the nuisance, is certain,' but the difficulty is where to get the. earth from for a great city like London.. It would take, it seems admitted, a hole of 200, acres in extent, six feet deep, to supply the want of London few a year. Then it would not do to fill it up again with the disin- fected sewage, for then ,,the whole value of the manure would be lost. klayvkeley.replies that the diffigidty is no.aireater than *the cage of coal. Certainly London needs:more than 200 acres :six feet deep 9f coal. Lord Robert Montagu retorts that coal is taken from ando.meath theesui-face,,.is 7.sie4'. Then why, mpg 4urtli,also, paying .2.4-rifling rent, for * privilege ? Landowners would be glad enough of tkkt An their wont land, and the expeese, at least in the case 1,037 tow, would not be equal to the cest.of mat*? got from water-pipe,slaid to the great distance usually needed. Of courae,allthe earth wolddileed 140n8ing 4314. -carrying :away.day hy..day,, while the watc,r, gage leid on, brings itself. =But for all eases :where at,preasnt there is A cgaspe91, clOset on the basement floor, and no-supply of watter,laid on, the -earth plan would be far the mest effective, ,and iaggke the least preliminary outlay.