13 SEPTEMBER 1873, Page 2

Sir Spencer Robinson has made another electioneering fiasco. He proposed

to stand for Hull, chaperoned by Mr. Reed, C.B., his ancient ally at the Admiralty, who has lately taken Hull under his protection, and who proposed that the Hull Liberals should adopt Sir Spencer as their candidate at the general election. Sir Spencer seems to have protested overmuch. He declared he was an enemy of sectarianism and priestly denomina- tion, of over-legislation, and of aggression and bullying in our foreign politics ; and that he was a friend of compulsory educa- tion, of civil and religious liberty inthe broadest sense; also of peace, retrenchment, and reform. Although a thorough Liberal, he added, he would not follow Mr. Gladstone, whose Government for the last two years (since about the time, in fact, that Sir Spencer Robinson ceased to belong to it,) had been se flagitious that another year of such maladministration would simply ruin the country. At this statement the Hull Liberal Committee seems to have sniffed, and requested explanation. It was finally deter- mined to give Sir Spencer an opportunity of appearing before a public meeting, but the public meeting refused to countenance his pretensions, —as it is reported, not relishing " his criticisms of Mr. Gladstone's Government."