13 SEPTEMBER 1873, Page 2

What is Lord Granville doing about the Deerhound? As far

as the state of the case is known in England, Spain has com- mitted a most flagrant breach of international law in taking the Deerhound captive at all, and is making the matter worse by treating the captives,—who are to be tried, it is said, for piracy, —as England would be ashamed to treat even the most blood- thirsty pirates. We have no sympathy at all with the Car- list enterprise in which the Deerhound was engaged, just as we had no sympathy with the attempt to supply the Southern rebellion in America with arms ; but not even Mr. Seward, in his most exalted moments, ever dreamt of charging the blockade-runners with piracy ; and Spain must be relying on her weakness when she makes an accusation against the owner and crew of the Deerhound which is flagrantly absurd, and follows it up by making it the excuse for torture of the most degrading kind,—the imprison- ment of English gentlemen and sailors in a filthy hole, without the common decencies of life, and hardly enough.food to save them from starvation. Lord Granville would but 'be setting at rest a very-natural and reasonable anxiety, if he list the public know what steps he has taken to.bring the Spanish .Government to reason. The forbearance towards weakness. should not be presumed upon too far.