13 SEPTEMBER 1873, Page 21

Our Mother Church. By Mrs. Jerome Mercier. (Rivington.)—" This book,"

we are told, "is written for girls," and dedicated "to the members of the St. Anne's Society." The plan of it is that a certain Mrs. Askell instructs her niece, Joan, who comes to her knowing nothing but her Catechism, her Bible, and something about the Reformation, in various matters concerning the Church,—tells her, for instance, that the priest mast wear the chasuble in consecrating the elements, a view which differs from that of the Supreme Ecclesiastical Court. The book has, as may be guessed from this specimen, a strong High-Church tone ; but there is plenty of good and useful reading in it, and any one qualified to give due correction as he proceeds with it may employ it with advantage as a text-book. There are chapters on various periods of Church History, on the Prayer Book, on Church Architecture, Church Music, dm