14 APRIL 1866, Page 2

The Jamaica letters, which in form are more prolix than

in- structive, bring fresh evidence every mail of the utter reckless- ness of the soldiers. They destroyed in their reprisals 1,000 negro.hute or buildings, value about 4,400/. The evidence against

Mr. Gordon, consisting of violent language against the authori- ties of St. Thomas-in-the-East, is allastailed, and comes absolutely to nothing, indeed seems bo,lis to show quits conclusively that he wasuokeencerned in or aware of any ineurreetion. The Com- missiouershad completed thestaskeofttaking evidence, and had only to prepaftetheir report,—a huge task,—whiolt they hope to finish before the mail of April 9, in which case the two legal Com- missioners will reach home by the beginning of May. We may at all events count on a report in good time for Parliamentary action. upon thie session.