14 APRIL 1866, Page 3

Quite a "thee" murder, a murder such as the 'old

lady "en- joyed," was committed in the City on Wednesday, about half- past eight in the evening. Sarah Millson, widow, of about forty, was housekeeper to Messrs. Bevington, leathemellers, in Cannon Street West. At the time mentioned she left the dining-room to -attend to a bell which she said "was for her," and was found an hour afterwards dead in the passage, with her head beaten in by • -soine blunti instrument, supposed to be a missing crowbar. There is no man in the house, the deceased woman was not supposed to be at enmity with any one, and no clue has as yet been found, except that the weapon employed seems to have been one of four packing crowbars used.in the house, one of which may have been lying in the passage. No robbery was attempted, and the motive must have been. either jealousy or a defeated attempt at, spong- ing.