14 APRIL 1866, Page 3

There was a very- tiresome debate on vaccination- on Wed-

., nesday about a Bill by which Government propose to increase the -stringency of the law. It was opposed on all sides, and Mr. Bruce was at last obliged to allow it to be referred to a select committee. -One of the elauses,,for example, compelling country gentlemen to send for their poor neighbours' babies and examine their arms, would certainly never be carried out. A great difference of opinion seemed to prevail in the House, particularly among -the country gentlemen, as to the healthiness of lymph, a subject -upon which they were quite eloquent. There is a strong suspicion _abroad that the virus now used is of inferior quality, has worn itself out in fact, and the figures quoted in the debate rather justify this, the operation, if we understand, Mr. Henley, being successful only in one ease out of eight.