14 APRIL 1894, Page 14

[To THE EDITOR OP THE " SPECTATOR.") SIR, — Does not your

review in the Spectator of April 7th miss the point of the Socialist criticism of Mr. Mallock ? The Socialist freely grants that " labour " is powerless without skilled direction, but insists that the skilled director is equally powerless without "labour." He therefore maintains that the product of their joint industry is the common property of both, to be shared as they may think just and expedient. As to rent and interest, the Socialist objects to them because they enable men to live without working either with bands

[If the brain is to have an equal vote with the hands in the

distribution, we have little to say. Half might be a fair share for intelligence. But as we understand Socialist ideas, the directing mind, without which all else is powerless, is not to fix its own remuneration, not even by bargain.—En. Spectator.'