14 APRIL 1973, Page 27

Sir: I was shocked and horrified to read your article

on A World suddenly less gay (March 31) and note "even Waspe feels constrained to proceed delicately." You say that Beaumont "was hardly known to the general public, his name never appearing on playbills and rarely in the press; but his shrewdness was legendary, his Suavity unrufflable — and his Influence pervasive . . . His power Was immense, and for that reason — for that reason only — his homosexuality was important." I cannot feel that the general public are gaining anything from this additional information.

I was Assistant Stage Manager for H.M. Tennent and the Company of Four from 1962 to 1969 helping on such distinguished Productions as The River Line (Paul Scofield), A Doll's House (Mai Zetterling), Hedda Gabler (Peggy Ashcroft), The Bad Seed (Paul Scofield) etc. Hugh Beaurnont's presence at rehearsals and his search for perfection, and his own personal dignity is something 1 and many others will always remember. Surely the dimming of the lights in the West End was a true tribute to a great man of the theatre. Was it necessary to add 'they may be dimming too, at last, for the theatre's third sex "?

Judith Craig 18 Charing Cross Road, London WC2.