14 APRIL 1973, Page 28


Sir: The admission in 'A Spectators Notebook' (March 24) of the frequent typographical errors in The Spectator was most timely as I was beginning to think that your variously talented con tributors " read with their memory."

Typographical errors are international and the following story may be of interest to some.

In France they are called coquilles and one journalist, feeling he had more than his share in his articles, decided to submit an article which he entitled "Mes Coquilles". When he received his copy, he had to admit he was beaten for it was printed without the letter " q "! However, I do hope that the ' Blauc de Fume de Poeuilly proposed by your wine club tastes better than it sounds. I suggest that you send some to the restaurant in Old Brompton Road, which proudly lists "Roast Stocking " (bas au four) on its menu. You could also send a bottle to Delia Smith of the Evening Standard, who seems to have enjoyed the "Cat's Nappies" served to her during her visit to the ' Tante Marie School of Cookery' recently. Robert Rooke 30 Baker Street, London WI