14 AUGUST 1830, Page 10



At Sergeant's Inn, the lady of S. F. T. WILDS, Esq., Barrister-at-law, of a

daughter. At Geneva, theludy of Dr. MACREIGHT, of a son. On the 9th inst., in Upper Baker Street, the Lady of Baron du KUTZLEBEN, of 8 daughter. On the 7th inst. in Bolton Street, Mrs. Iln [aux SMITH, of a son. On the 9th inst. in Eaton Square, Lady HOWARD DE WALTON, of a son and heir. At Blymhill Rectory, on the 9th inst. the Lady of the Hon. and Rev. II. E. ZRIDGESIAN, of a son. On the 7th inst. at the Fort House, Gravesend, the Lady of M%3uic OLDFIELD, commanding Royal Engineers, of aeon. On the 9th inst. at Edgebaston, near Birmingham, the Lady of the Rev. W. F. Moos, Chaplain in Ordinary to the King, of a daughter.


On the 7th instant, at All Soul's Church, Ilexav TOOROLD, Esq., of Cuxwold, in the County of Lincoln, to MARIA A ,rro:vtA, only daughter of Rear Admiral Manse, of Charlton Kings, in the county of Gloucester. On the 24t1; ult, at the British Embassy, at Paris, by the -Right Rev. Bishop LUSCOMIW, ANNE LYON, widow of the late John Lyo:!, Esq. of Helton House, Dur- ham, and daughter of Barrington Price, Esq. of Langlittin Place, and of West House, Brighton, to JoILN WILLIAM, son of the late Sir John Oldmixon.

Ou the 9th inst. WILLIAM HENRY PLACE Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, to 'ROSA SOPRIA, second daughter of the late Richard ThInnas Strealfield, Esq. of the Rooks, Sussex.

On the 7th inst. at St. Andrews, Guernsey, Sr. ANDREW ST. Jolter, Esq. of Gayton Hall, Norfolk, to DORCAS SERRELL, youngest daughter of A. Iseraonger, Esq. of Guernsey. On the 10th inst. by the Rev. Dr. Afadrly, the Rev. Joner ItElevov,to ELIZABETH, daughter of the late Samuel Wharton, Esq. On the 10th inst. at Trinity Church, Maryletone, EDWARD, son of Sir Robert 'Wier:km, Burt. to CATTIER INK, daughter of George Smith, Esq. M.P. On the 11(1; instant, at St. James's Church, the Rev. GEoa. Gm Au GVSTUS DAw- FON of Ethyardeton Hall, Suffolk, to LOUISA, third daughter and co-heiress of the fate Sir Thomas Pilkington, Bart. of Chore;, Yorkshire. On the 12t11 inst. at St. George's, Hanover Square, THOMAS WILLIAM, eldest son of Thomas Gardiner Bramston, E-,q. of Skreens, and Fellow of All Souls, to EtazA, Zfth daughter of the late Admiral Sir Eli ii, Harvey, CC .11. On the 12th inst. at st. Georecie, Blooinsintry, FREDRICK TATII0T, Req. of Bedford Row' to Miss Rowe, of Bloomsbury Square, niece to Roper Slote Donuison Roper, of Lincoln's Inn, barrister.


On the 8th inst. at Grenzeley ledge, Beading, the Hon. Mrs. Jon,: STAPLETON, wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Stapleton. At Clapham Rise, HORKItT Ti LLOC it, Egg. in his 8911: year. On the eth inst. at his house, Nottingham Place, Marylebone, PATRICE EARTLET, Esq. in his ;Silt year.

In France, Captain NESBIT, R. N. son of Viscountess Nelson, Duchess of Bronte. On the 25th ult. at liarnstee, Fifeshire, t.LIAM Pe se ox, Esq. of 13arnslee.

On the 24t11 ult. at Otnerod House, near Burnley, MA:tTIIA ANNE, relict of L. Omerod, Esq. of :huffed, and sister of the late Peter Left;, Esq. of Lyme Hall, in Cheshire, in her 63rd year.

On the 20th ult. at Preston, the Rev. P. Hon owl' ox, in his 28th year. On the 3rd ult. Been .111evran eyes, deeply regretted by his relatives and acquaint- ances. His death was occasiened by accidentally falling into one of the canal Locks, rear Manchester, in his 19th year. On the 11th Of June, at the residence of the Prince Royal of Persia, near the citY of Tabruz, of a dysentery, Sir Jotter MACDONALD KINNEAR, Knight of the Lion and Sun of Persia, and Envoy Extraordinary at that court, front the Supreme Government of India.

On the 16th of June, at Havannah, CAPTAIN GEORGE GILPIN, late Commander of the brig Cicely, in his 43rd year. On the 3rd lust, at the Magazines, Cheshire, GRACE BIBBY, in the 94th year of her age.

On the 10th inst. suddenly, Lady GREY EGERTON, at the Coburg Hotel.

On the 31st ult. at the Babel, Switzerland, J. P. Ds CLAutvms, in his 88th year.