14 AUGUST 1830, Page 10



Letters have been received from • our Consul at Algiers, which give a brief statement of the events there since the landing of the French. It appears that the Consul would not have anything to do with BOURMONT, who was anxious that he should interfere on behalf of the French prisoners • but when the fort of the Empe- ror was blown up, and the Dey entreated his good offices, he agreed to render them. He became in consequence the organ through which the conditions of surrender were arrayed. The French found, it is said, about one hundred 'and fifty millions of francs in the Dey's Palace. The letter goes on to say, that the Consul had agreed to get the Dey comfortably conveyed out of the country, and also to act as agent. in looking after his private pro- perty; all very kind and commendable in our worthy officiary, but not very interesting to the people of England. The Dey has presented to his agent a superb sword with a Damascus blade, and as many precious stones about it as Lord LONDONDERRY'S, with which present the Consul is highly flattered. Most people would feel flattered by so solid 'a mark of Turkish friendship. The Mexican Minister, we understand, has left town, by in- vitation, in order to arrange those relations between his Govern- ment and that of' the French, which were refused to be granted by the POLIGNAC Ministry.