14 AUGUST 1830, Page 12



According the inistry lost ? They be- more easily returnd—Wri which a answer would Vete to gain -ninety-three votes. to the most accurate • Calculations, they have lost forty OcPrEftylig; and a much larger number, if we add to these man th_ eirr. fonner thoroughgoing sup- porters, who, by the pledges y they have voluntarily entered into, must be thoroughgoing supporters.t no- more. Everywhere that the popular yoke could be'hearl,• h s been expressed in one way. "Reduction of expenditu ot ition of menopoly—relbem of the representation"—the hrt—fia —uhniversally, the last in some shape or other almost universally—have ave been the points insisted on by the voters, and, with ha dly an exception, conceded by the candidates. In every ease, the r worst recommendation that a can- didate has brought to the hustings, has been that which was once his best—his consistent supportof the Administration. Indeed, the support of Administration, uniform or occasional, has been The best oel)aeiim.atea which . mos_. every candidata suspected of it. y mars has brought to the hustings,- has been independence—independence of party—independence of the Government.. The Home of Commons which assembles in Octo- ber, will contain more honest members than any that has met since the. Revolution, if they fulfil the promises made to their consti- tuents, What prt is theless_on to be gathered from this ? The lesson is in eci sely that which was read to Prince POLiGNAC, and .tor.s‘vhieli he woulel not listen—and where is he ? We say in kind, r do not .mean to parallel the cases in degree. The Duke of "WserasoroN's Adialmistiution is not so unpopular as that of Prince POLIGNAC ; h:s enemies are not so overwhelming; and we must add, that the appeal by which he sought to determine their numbers and their power was by no means so impartially made. if it had, we do not know what the result might have been. -So far as we have traced the history of the elections, there seems to prevail in all the instructions of the people a lofty and honour- able feeliirg, very dilihrent from what is commonly displayed on such occasions. They do not say to their members vote against the Duke of Wsemsorox; they make no objection to men ; they only cell for good measures, emanate from whatever quarter they -may. This is precisely the way in which we wished the people to act. We owe a large debt of gratitude to the Dukes Administra- tion, and we desire nothing more than to .see him remain in .power, if he will content himself with. counselling such acts as the community of England have determined to be good-and desirable. -If he remain in power, he must do so. His only strength :must in future be sought in the general approbation of wise and prudent and patriotic men. He has no factious opposition to dread. The same principles which he must maintain if he would • keep power, must be maintained by his opponents if they would : gam it. The Ministry is weaker in numbers now than before the dissolution of Parliament—weaker in numbers than perhaps any Ministry which men looked on as stable ever was ; hut from the present composition of the House, it is stronger to do good than strongest of its predecessors. It has sometimes been said that the Cabinet was more liberal than the Parliament ; to every appearance this will be no longer the case. If the Duke entreat the new House of Commons to go with bins one mile, it will go with him twain ; if he ask for the coat of a sineeuriSt, it will give him the cloak also. Will he throw himself hoaestly and heartily into the arms of the people ? We hope he will, for his own sake. ' if he refuse, the Ministry mast tumble in pieces in a month. 4 We make these general oh 'set v atio0s, preliminary to the following Tables, which haw. been drawn 1111 tVit h ereat labour and industry, by a person well versed in the subjez:l. The reader willpercelve, by verely glancing his eye over them, that they mere than just Fy the conclusions to villich we have como. The En!;lisli ekctioas are now,

we may say, complete. A 11..w are still in proress, but only three

. or four can be said to be undecided. In Scotland, we think it probable that Ministers will pin a few voles—perhaps three or four, certainly not more. On the other hail, timer \Via lose pro- bably net less than a dozen in Ire:and ; so that, af, 110101 the re- sult of the elections in those parts of the kiiee.:om cannot be accurately stated, we can confidently affirm tha it will not be found to be in favour of the Cabinet.

!tnillphabetical List of 129 New Members, for Eno-land and Wake, ...returned to the First Parliument of \ illiara 1V. July and August, 1830, showing the old who liavo retired or been rejected.

OT cetirmi.

lit. Bon. S. Ca n:ng t ight * B. Arkwright t II. Seymour t Lnrd Darlington 10 W.13. Barb% 4 N. Wyvill • R. F. Wilson t W. West t Hon. P. Ashburnliam t Peter Ducane * Evans de Lacy 32 C. N. Pallmer t lion. L. Talmash S. T. Kekewich t Edward Baker t

Nosy Members. I'lacc, liken when, u:nreed.


Old Sarum

Bristol Rye Taunton Tot ness Thetfinal York City Do. County Denbigh Berealstone Steynieg Rye Surry Ilchester Exeter Welton Alexander, J. Dupre Baillie, J. Baillie, H. I). Bainbridge, Edward Baldwin, C. B. Baring, F. Bayntun, S. A. Bethell • 13iddulph, It. M. Blacket, C. Blount, Edward Bonham, F. R. Briscoe, J. J. Bruce, M. Buller, J. W4 Bulwar Sir W. Rowley * John Stewart t J . H. North t R. Benson f Lord Ashley 24 Villiers, T. 0.11 William Holmes 37 . Lord Rancliffe* FL. Leycester * Vacant Double return Viscount Belgrave 26 Walter Boyd t It. E. Heathcote t It. 0. Cave 28 C. B. Wall 45 J. N. Fazakerley * Colonel Baillie Edmund Wodehouse t S. It. Lushington f W. Manning f T. W. Beaumont 25

Double return Lord W. C. Paget f Hon. G. A. Ellis 31 Colin Diacauley f Sir H. Hardinge 36 5. Easthope*

W. L. blaberley * William Smith * S. Lushington* . 0. F. Heneage t C. Calvert* II. Labouchere, 41 W. P. Honeywood* Cuthbert Ellison t 111, G.. Prendergast, 12 .Sir W. Scott t Viscount Morpeth 4,3 J. L Lockhart t 'Thomas Byron t Paxton Corbett Le Gendre Starkie t Hylton Joliffe

William Marshall 42 Hon. W. Lascellest Edward Protheroe* I,Villiam Leake t J. Brougham 6 I. P. Pudwart

Alexander Powell t D. Barchlyt Viscount Encomb Double return • Sir G. Phillips * G. W. Tapps t Wilmot Horton t

- William Ewan*

James liaise t Vacant VT ii. Ashurst Lord R. Manners t Earl of nrecknock t J, Jllackburne t Marquis of Carmarthen t C. C. Cavendish * R. D. Davenport * E. B. Cooper t Lord J. Russell Sir R. Fane 33 Fred. Gye I. B. Monett* Sir T. B. Lethbridge Daniel Sykes 43 George Lucy t Sir C. Domville t Hon. W. Scott t. Bunbury, Sir H. Burton

BYng, G. S. Campbell Churchill, -Lord Constable Cornewall Denman, ThomaS Drigdale, W. S. Duucombe Barham, Admiral Egerton

Egerton Elliet?, Edward Evans, William Ewing Arden, John Farrand, Robert Folkes Fordwich, Lord Freshlidd Gisborne Gordon Gore, IV. 0, Graham, Sir S. G reeson Gresley, Sir It. Grimstone, Viscount Gunning, Sir H. Gurney, K. Gurney Harris Harris, I. R. Hawkins

Hodges, T. Le Horigsou

Mope Froward Howard Hughes, W. H. Isgestre, Lord Jenkins

Jmrningham Mitre, Sir IV. Joliffe, G. R. Kennoorria Kennedy, Lord_ Kenyou, Hoe.. King,

Lee Lefevre C. S. Le-non, Sir C. Luithoek Mr-Eillop Mahon, Vint..

Miles, Wm. Miller, W. H.

Wits, It. IV. Morrison, Jas. Newark,. Vise. Narreys, Lord. Puget, T. Painter, Gen. Patten Peehell, J. Pelham, C. Yearhyn 1Thillpota PolitlU Price, S. G. 2usel, Philip Russell Sandford, A. Sehonswar, Severn, I. C.

Suffolk CO.

Beverley Siilborne Port Stafford Woodstock Hedon Bishop's Castle Nottingham Shaftesbury East Retford Queeuboro' Chester City Lymington Coventry Leicester Wareham Lincoln Hedon Norfolk Canterbury Pe urhyn Stafford Tregony Carnarvon Ludgemball Saltash Durham City St. Alban's Northampton Norwich Tregony Grimsby Southwark St. Michaele Kent Newcastle I Gattan No:Tab 'Oxford City :Hertford Shrewsbury .Pontefract Petersfield Ditto ,East Looe Evesham oSt. Michaels 'Tregony Wells Downton .Penrhyn Truro Tregony :Wootton Bassett Romney 'Newcastle Blechingley ,St. -Ives East Retford Oxford Co.

'Leicester Co. Bath _Lancaster Co.

lielstone Newton (Isle of Wight) Shaftesbury Gloucester City Bedford Sandwich Chippenhain Reading Somerset Hull T. Houldsworth 59 George Smith 19 Double return Thomas Grosvenor t U. S. Nortimote

F. Hodgson f 'air A. C. Grant 3

S. Crompton Edward Lombe t lion. A. Legge t T. 1'. Macqueen t Arthur Onsiow t ' Seymour, Lora Shelley Smith Smith, J. A, Smith S. atiley Staunton, Sir G. Stephen, 8. le. Storm:Jot. Lord. Strutt Stuart, Lord 1). C. Stuart, 11. V. Semi. Fowey Oakhampton Gatton Pontefract Weadover Bye Stockbridge Heytesbury Barnstaple Aldborough Derby Arundel Danbury Bedford County Guildford Arthur Onsiow t Captain Sir C. Cole 1- Christopher Smith t Tliomas Wallace t I. Blair t N. W. Peach 50 C. IL D. Pennant t Henry Alexander t T. G. Bromston t sir T. Gsmeh sir e. W. Taylor* Hon. Talmaelt

lion. se nenues t

John l'il`Lecid Double return

Vigeoutit Clifton,'

Right lion. C. Arbuthnot 5 Lord Strathaven 47 lion. F. U. Calthorpe G. J. Heathcote * John Wells t A. J. O'Neil t Lord C. S. Manners* Lord It. Manners* The above contains all the new Members returned from all the Counties, Cities, and Boroughs of England and Wales, except Peterborough, Liskeard, and Orford. The retired or rejected members, :toted by at, (according to Curt's display of the votes on fifty questions divided on in the Sessions of 1F29-30) voted uniformly with Ministers, or at all events never in favour of inquiry, economy, or reform, and those by an * voted uniformly for inquit y, economy, aud reform ; those with a number following the name have been re-elected for other places, as exhibited in the fol- lowing list. The elections for the Counties of Cambridge, Leicester, and Devon, are not yet over, but the results as here slat ad are more than probable.

STATEMENT of 48 Members of the last Parliament who have changed Places at the General Election July and August, 1830.

The following 48 mem- I the undermentioned 1 And have been returned I havinz displaced the

hers sat in the last places, viz, to the New radio. undermentioned old

Parliament for meat from members.

}These three have dis.}No. 1-3 placed as annexed, W 3---13 V.8-4

Sum -ter Tallow, C. It. N. Teimant, C. Thomps,ea Tondine Tow, W. Trever, Hon. A. Tudor _Tyrrell, Col, Tyrrell Vaughan, J. E. Vere, Hope ' Villiers, Lord Welsh Warre, J. A. Watson, Hon. Wellesley, Hon. West Weyland Willis, John Winchester, Aid. Wrightson Adeano Paget, T. Guildford Glamorgan County St. Alban' Yarmouth Minehead Truro Romney Barnstaple Ehsex Suffolk Wells Ilchester Re eliest er Sudbury Hastings Contertury

St. Jvi

East Grinstcad iiintion Bosom


Hull Cainbi idge, County Leicester, „

I Doherty, T. Kilkenny Fitzgerald,Rain.W. Newport

3 Grant, Sir "LC. eddborough These Ten hate saiceeded Daring has succeetled order as placed. the Ten following, via. ..ittwoud, and to on, In

G. Mundy f I. H. North f Laurence Peel f Hon. F. C. Ponsonby

J. Phillimore • V ... 0" ntz

R. Sanderson f Hon. W./1. Scott } H. B. Lott Henry Dawkins f Hon. A. Cooper? lion. T. Liddell f D. Davenport 1 J. Marshall • Double return.

S. Kilderbee t Sir William Roe f Sir C. Doinville Double return I J. E. Denison Jos. Birch • Jonathan Peel James Loch f G. L. Thompson f Lord Downes}

T. Alcoa f S. C. Il'hitbread • General Peachy f John Ward • Viscount Milton • E. F. Maitland} I'Lcount NorntanLy • C. H. Bat.lev f W. H. Felloives f K. C. Norton f

Drr. Bastard f Lubbock and . Teeke

0 Arbuthnot-Rt. Hn.C. St. Ives

. 6 Breughsata... .. • • . Tregnn7-

7 Dundss, Hon. H. Rochester 8 Peel, Rt. Hon. Sir R. Westbury 9. Smith, George Wendover 10 Darlington, Earl Tomess 11 Villiers,T. IL Bedon 18 Prendergast, H. G. Canon La IraDenim, Viscount Lostwithiel

14 A (mood, l‘f. Callington

IS Bourne, Rt. Hon. S. 'Ashburton 16 Bouverie, Hon. P. DoWnton ly Howie's, Viscount ilViindleisea

18 Peel, W. Y. • -Tarnworth

19 Smith, John Midhurst 20 Stmttiswoode, A. Saltissli

61 TW.1.3, Horace Wootton BaS3441

22 li'arrender, Sir. G. Weatbury

ei II-ethers% Sir C. Plyrupton

94 Ashley, Lord 'Woodstock 95 Beaumont, T. W. Slat lard 26 Belgrave, Viscount Chester City it; Brougham, H. Knaresborough 26 Cave, R. 0. Leicester SO Croker, J. W. Dublin University SO Dawson, G. It. Londonderry Si Ellis. Hon. G. Agar Ludgershall IN Evans de Lacey Rye 85 Foe, Sir H. Sandwich 84 Ferguson, Sir R. Dysart, See.

85 Grant, Robert Inverness, Vcc.

86 Hardinge, Sir H. Durham .. 37 Holmes, William Bishops Castle Os Ditto .Ditto • 89 Houldsworth, T. Pontefract , 60 Hurne,Joseph Montrose Al Labonchere, II. St. 3lichael6 62 Marshall, William 'Petersileld. ill Morlieth. Viscount DI orpeth 44 Neild, John G at ton 45 Scarlett, Serj. James I.'”terboro' 66 Sykes, Daniel liult

67 Strathaven, Lord N. 6rinstead

48 Wall,'C. 1.1. 'Wareham

Ebrington, Viscount Tavistack Devon Encombe, Viscount Troth Double return reach, N.V. Ditto with

Boroughbridge 3filborne Port Cockerinouth Vigilant Ferrer* Yarmouth Chichester Colchester Newport (Isle of Wight) Honiton Boroughbridge Dorchester Northumberland The County York County Hastings Aldborough Okehampton Rye Hastings Nottingham Norwich • St. Germaine Daslemere Queenborough . Newton Lasso Middlesex Taunton Leominster York County Chippenbaus Halton Beverley Huntingdon