14 AUGUST 1830, Page 22


Tuesday, August 10.


SAVERS and BOKALL,Busper. Sussex, mercers, drapers, and grocers—MATTns w send JAMES BURT, York Street, Westminster, smiths and ironinongers—STEEL and Co. Liverpool, and Kingston, Jamaica, merchants and agents—M [LB oRN and JONES, Monate Street, silk and ribbon-manufacturers—As reroN and WHALLE y, Blackburn, cotton-manufacturers—Wild,/ Ast and CHARLES COURT, St. Briavels, Gloucestershire, grocers—HIND and Co. Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, and Derby, woolstaplers and fellmongers ; RS far as regards HIND—Evans and DRY, Tottenham Court Road, drapers and haberdashers—JonN and JOSEPH Howe, Coventry, silk-dyers—Pit Exk.' v and Co. Fleet Street, booksellers.


Aug. 7, CLEcio, BENJAMIN, Oldham, Lancashire, victualler.


SMYTH, HENRY, Piccadilly, hosier.


COMPLTN, JAMES YALDEN, New Airesford, Southampton, corn-merchant, to Surrender August 20, 21, and September 21: solicitors, Mr. E. Bridger, Finsbury Circus; and Mr. F. Caigcr, Winchester. ENGLISH, JOHN, Strand, hosier, August 13, 20, and September 21: solicitors, Messrs. Hardwick and Guest, Laurence Lane, Cheapside. HEGINBOTIIAM, WILLIAM Monne, Stockport, Cheshire, cotton-spinner, September 3, 4, and 21: solicitors, Messrs. Hurd and Johnson, Temple ; and Messrs. Meson and Co., Manchester.

HILL, WILLIAM, Sen., littr., WILLIAM, jun., High Street, Southwark, salters Sind oilmen, August 20, 24, and September 21: solicitor, Mr. W. Richardson, Wal- brook.

HomnEN, PHILIP, York House, Five Fields, Chelsea. bookseller, August 17, 20, and September 21: solicitors, Messrs. A. W. and F. Beetham, Freeman's Court, Cornhill.

HUDDLESTON, GE °nos, Great Driffield, Yorkshire, bookseller, August 26, 27, and September 21: solicitors, Messrs. Ellis anti Waimsley, Chancery Lane; and biessrs. Scotchburn and Shepherd, Great Driffield. Mom IlicerAitn DIXON, Gloucester. Terrace, Commercial Road, out of bust. mess, August 13, and September 3, 21: solicitor, Mr. Drawbridge, Arundel Street, Strand.

PREitaKE, Jonm, Rathbone Place, Oxford Street, upholsterer and cabinet. rnaker, August 17, 20, and September 21: solicitors, Messrs. Brooking and Sure, Lombard Street.


Aug. 31, Creed, Hemel Hempsted, commission agent and auctioneer—Aug. 31, Dove, Paddington, brIck-maker—Sept. 3, Brown, Old London Street, malt-factor- Aug. 31, Jones, Hanover Square, livery-stable-keeper—Sept. 3, Thompson, Earl Street, Blackfriars, bookbinder—Aug. 24, Large, Well Street, Oxford Street, carman .—Aug. 31, George and Edwin Burgess. Maidstone, Kent, millers and corn-factors ....Sept. 3, Elgle, Knareshorough, Yorkshire, grocer—Sept. 4, Rlder, Leeds, and Armitage, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, woollen-cloth-merchants—Sept. 4, Salt, Staf- ford, grocer and ironmonger—Sept. 9, Formant°, Liverpool, merchant—Sept. I, James Bristowe, sen. Poole, spirit-dealer and commission-merchant.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before August 31.

W. Burue, /Brain Lane and Brixton, clothier—Z. Hubbard, Jeffrey's Terrace, Kentish Town, flour-factor.


ALEXANDER, ltongar Raves DuNDAS, Kinross, grocer, Aug. 13, 31. 1WLCAN, ALEXANDER. WALKER, St. Andrew's Square, Edinburgh, stationer,

Aug. 13, 25.

NI v EN, Joint, St. Andrew's, corn-merchant, Aug 30. WALLACE, ARCHIBALD, St. Andrew's, writer, Aug. 20, Sept. 3.

Friday, Aug. 13.


HODGE and GLANVILLE, London Street, Ratcliffe, engine-smiths—Dnucs and TV'ILLiAns, Lambeth Walk, Surrey, butchers—Fat xxn and BouEN, Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, sugar-refiners—MAY and Wise, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, drapers—Cu RTIS and Wool., Tyler Street, St. James's Street, Middlesex, butchers STRATTON, and Co., Limehouse Foundry, Middlesex, engineers—WALKER and Say ma, Manchester, fustian-manufacturers.


Aug.13, RALEY, THOMAS, GiltsplIr Street, baker. BARNETT, JAMES, Carrickfergus, merchant.


WHITE, PAUL WILLIAM, Epping-place, Mile End old Town, victualler.


HAY, JAMES, Addle Street, warehouseman. 1111 I.L.11t, Jails, Wood Street, Cheapside, warehouseman. Rus s ELL, EDWARD, and Wean, THOMAS, Stourport, Worcestershire, timber-

El erchants.


HARRIS, WILLIAM, Manchester, merchant, to surrender, Sept. 6, 7, 24: soli. tore, Messrs. Milne and Parry, Temple ; and Mr. Potter, Manchester. r JAMES, JACOB, Woolwich, innkeeper, August 17, 20, Sept. 24: solicitor, Mr. Cornthwaite, Dean's Court, Doctors' Commons ; and Mr. H. W.Buzton, Charlton, Rent. POLDEN, JAMES ALEXANDER, Billiter Square, merchant, August 20, 27, Sept. 24: solicitor, Dlr. Mitchell, New London Street, Crutchedfriars.

SQUIRE, FRANCIS, Great Newport Street, Leicester Square, coffeehouse-keeper, August 17, 20, Sept. 24: solicitor, Mr. Burt, Mitre Court, Milk Street, Cheapside.

Wan:SATES, JAMES, and SAMUEL, Liverpool, provision-merchants, August 24, 25, Sept. 24: solicitors, Mr. Towne, Broad Street Buildings; and Mr. S. Minshull, Liverpool.

WILLIAMS, THOMAS CHARLES, Norwich, tea-dealer, August 24, 31, Sept. 24: solicitors, Messrs. Swaine and Co., Frederick Place, Old Jewry.


Sept. 3, Maltby and Buckland, Gutter Lane, lace-manufacturers—Dec. 21, Alder- son, Chancery Lane, money-scrivener—Sept. 7, Ward, Bread Street Hill and Ridge, Su.sex, merchant—Sept. 3, Stromboli] Austinfriars, merchant — Sept. 7, Buck- ingham, Liverpool Road, Islington, victualler—Aug. 27, Arnold, Great Tower Street, wine-broker—Sept. 14, Hudson and Busher, White Lion Street, Spital- gelds, silk-manufactnrers—Sept. 7, Knight, Markman Street, Southwark, carpet,. warehouseman—Sept. 7, Watson, Cannon Street, lodging-house•Ireeper—Sept. 8, 'Vandercora, Charles Street, Hampstead Road, plasterer—Sept. 8, Clackett, Dover, grocer—Sept. 3, Foster. Hitchin, Hertfordshire, druggist—Sept. 3, Skyrme, Here- ford, tanner—Sept. 6, Pratt, Norwich, linen-draper—Sept. 10, Hudson, Norwich, wholesale stationer—Sept. 4, Pierce and Williams, Merthyrtidvil, Glamorganshire, bankers—Sept. 6, Place,jun. Nottingham, saddler.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Sept. 3.

S ow d e n , Manchester, cotton-manufacturer—Moore, Castle Court, Budge Row, lodging-house-keeper—Ford, Lewer Row, Lambeth Butts, pill-box-maker—Cauty, Pall Mall, auctioneer—Morris, jun.Norwich, slater—Mattison, Grove House Tavern Camberwell, tavern-keeper—Cadby, Water Lane, Tower Street, cork-merchant-1

Rartwright, Cheltenham, woollen-draper—Noldwit, Princes Street, Commercial Road, Road, Lambeth, ironmonger.


WArrasm, WILLIAM and Grroa GE, Glasgow, merchants, Aug. 16, 31.