14 AUGUST 1830, Page 9


An overland despatch from Bombay to the 5th April, incidentally mentions the arrival of the Bencooleu from London, but it communicates no other shipping in.. telligence.

Arrived.—At Bombay, previous to 5th April, Bencoolen, Martin, from London.

Sailed.—From Gravesend, August 8th, Edward, Heaviside, for Singapore ; 9th, Clyde, Munro, for Van Dieman's Land ; I ith, Zenobia. Owen and, Cambridge. Barber, for Bengal ; 12th, Mary Jane, Banks, for New South Wales, and Morn Bell, for Mauritius. From Bristol, July 29th, Arabian, Don't, for Bengal; August 9th, Ada, Forster, for the Cape.