14 AUGUST 1841, Page 10


The Whigs are beginning to pay of their supporters : last night's Gazette contains a list of new Peerages, creations or promotions ; and a batch of Baronetcies will be forthcoming, we suppose, by next Ga- zette-day. The following is the list of new Peerages— The Earl of Surry, eldest son of the Doke of Norfolk, is called up by writ, by the title of Baron Maltravers.

The Earl of Stair, a Peer of Scotland, is created Baron Oxenfoord, of Coos- land, in the county of Edinburgh, a Baron of the United Kingdom.

The Earl of Kenmore is created a Baron of the United Kingdom, by the title of Baron Kenmore, of Castle Bosse, in the county of Kerry.

The Earl of Belfast, eldest son of the Marquis of Donegal, is created a Baron of the United Kingdom—Baron Ennisltowen, of Ennishowen, in the county of Donegal, and Carrickfergus, in the county of Antrim.

Lord Barham is made Baron Noel, of Ridlington, in Rutland ; Viscount Campden, of Campden, in Gloucestershire; and Earl of Gainsborough, in Lin- colnshire.

Lord Segrave becomes Earl Fitzhardinge.

Sir Hussey Vivian is created Baron Vivian, of Glynn and of Truro, in Corn- wall.

Sir Henry Brooke Parnell, the late Member for Dundee, who has been missing since the dissolution, turns up as Baron Congleton, of Congleton, in Cheshire.

All these creations are in the usual form, with remainder to the heirs- male of the new Peer's body lawfully begotten ; except that, in default of such issue to the Earl of Stair, the new title is to descend to the heirs-male of his brother, Mr. North Dairy mple, of Cleland.