14 AUGUST 1841, Page 10

Some disturbance at Dudley in Staffordshire, on Thursday, caused an

apprehension that serious riots would take place. The iron-masters of the district agreed some months back to blow out several fur- naces, with the view of raising the price of iron. The plan did not effect its purpose, and the price has been reduced: the price of the thin coal used in the works is reduced as a consequence ; the owners of that kind of coal lowered the wages of their wo, kmen ; and the latter, there- ibre, are exasperated at the contrast between their earnings and those of the thick coal-workers. On Thursday, about a thousand persons as- sembled tumultuously at Holly Hall. At Park Head colliery a number of the rioters collected and expressed their determination to prevent the people from working, threatening to cut the rope. The manager de- clared that he should resist violence, and some scuffling took place ; but the workmen of the pits succeeded in repelling their assailants. The Police were called out ; dragoons were fetched from Birmingham ; the leader of the riot, a young man from Wolverhampton, was seized ; and the mob was dispersed. All has since been quiet ; but the troops re- main in the place.