14 AUGUST 1841, Page 11


Arrived-At Gravesend, Aug,. 8th, Richard Webbe, State. from New South Wales; 9th. Engle, Beckley; and Palestine, Sim, for ditto; idle King, Bristowe, from Mau- ritius; and Dispatch, Tomlinson, from the Cape; 11th, Fortitude, Paine, from Van Diemen's Land. In the Downs, 12th, Fortune. Norris; and Minerva. Weinright, rum New South Wales ; and 13th, Superior, Bell, from Java. At Bristol, 7th, Mar borough. Cooper, from Bengal. At Liverpool. 7th, Queen Mab, Ainley, from ditto; 9th Re- liance. Hall. from Bombay ; and 10th, Palestine, Nairne, from Van Diemen's Land. In the Clyde.12t1t, Hugh Walker, Rice, from Bombay. At St. Helena, June, 14th, Rainbow, Winn, from London; Mandane, Murdock, from N. S. Wales; 22d. Mars, Roper, from Bengal; 134, Lord Westetn, Lock, from Batavia; 24th, Reliance, Hall, from Bombay ; and 26th, Imaum of Muscat, Thickbroom, from Bengal. At the Cape, June 2d, John Graham, Turner.; Sir John Byng, Ellis, and 9th. Anna Robertson, Hamilton, from Lon. don. At Van Diemen's Land, previous to 17th April. Ann. MAlpin; Seahurse, Brownrig ; Peter, Proctor ; Samuel Winter, Sergeant; and Duncan, --, from Lon- don; and Maria, Miller, from the Clyde. Sailed-From Gravesend, Aug. 9th, Robert Small. Scott. for Bengal; 11th. Welling. ton. Kendrick, for Madras; and 12th, Vernon, Gimlett. for Bengal. From Liverpool, 7th, woogmau, Good, for Bombay ; and 10th, Queen Victoria, Black, for ditto,