14 AUGUST 1841, Page 2

Poor Spain is also an object of suspicion, less in

alarm for others than for herself. Queen CHRISTINA'S angry protest against her dismissal from the guardianship of her children has caused a com- motion among her late subjects. The Government have issued a counter manifesto, which, from its tone of angry retort, and its exhortation to the people to attend only to the Cortes and what they advise, seems to indicate a sense of apprehension on the part of its authors. It is reported in more than one quarter, that a re- volution is brewing in Spain, to reinstate CHRISTINA; and a Paris paper says that it is to take place tomorrow. It is affirmed that it is to be headed by-General LEON, and aided by NARVAEZ. Since that assertion was made, we learn from the Spanish capital that NARVAEZ has taken an active part in rebuking the Government, by letter, for the removal of the Queen ; and that ESPARTERO, for secret political reasons, has forbidden LEON to leave Madrid.