14 AUGUST 1841, Page 21



On the 10th inst., at Lawrence Eud. Luton. the Hon. Mrs. MACLEOD, of a son. On the 10th inst., in St. Andrew's Place, Regent's Park, the Lady of It. Hear MIDPLEMASS, Esq , of a SOIL On the 12th inst., in Ram Place, the Lady of Sir I. RAE REID, Bart., M.P., of a son. On the 6th inst., at Eslugten House, Northumberland, the Lady of the. Hon. H. T. LIDDELL. M.1'., sf twins, a hey and a girl. On the 9th inst.. at Wanlip Hall. Leicester, the Lady of Sir G. PALMER. Bt., of a son. On the 9th inst., in Chesham Place, Belgrave Square, the Lady of GEORGE PALMER junior, Esq., of a son. On the 10th ins:., at Hackney. the Lady of the Rev. T. P. Witmer, of a daughter. On the 9th lust., in Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, the Wife of Sir EDMOND Maxi, Bart., of a daughter. On the 1 lilt inst., at Gloucester Road, Old Brompton, Mrs. WEIR, of a daughter. On the 10th inst., at Hyniug, near Lancaster, the Lady of the Rev. G. T. BERHYLEY, of Charlton. Oxfordshire. of a daughter. On the lifts inst., at Drayt"n Parslow, the Lady of the Rev. S. WRIGHT, of a son. On the 35 inst., at Ecclesileld. the Lady of the Rev. ALFRED Garry. of a daughter. On the 5111 lust., the Wife of the Rev. T. JOIVES, of Green Street, Enfield, of a son. On the 2:31 May last, at Nusseeralmd. East Indies, the Lady of Captain C. J. LEWES, Fiftieth Regiment Native Infantry, Assistant-Commissary-General. of a sou. On the 6th inst., at Piltnu Parsonage, the Lady of the Rev. WILLIAM BROCH, of a son. On the 5th inst., at Edinburgh, the Wife of ALEXANDER LESLIE. McncroomEar, Esq., Commander in the Royal Navy, of a daughter.


On the 10th April, at Waltair, Captain FRANCIS DUDGEON, Forty fourth Regiment N. I., to LIMO/MEE, eldest daughter of Henry Ilill, Esq., Rear-Admiral of the Red. On the 27th ult. , in George Street, Perth, CHARLES GRAHAM SIDEV, Esq., of Lanham. and Lord Dean of Guild of Perth,to Isariem.a, third daughter of the late W. Gray, Esq. Ou the 4th inst., at Trinity Chapel. Edinburgh, WILLIAM MITCHELL, son of John Boyd, EN., of Broadmeadows, Selkirkshire, to ANNE, daughter of the late James Hamilton, Esq., M.D., St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh. and of Kild.onan. Ayrshire. On the 7th inst.. at St. Mary leboue Church, SAMUEL DANIEL. Esq., Third Regiment Buffs. only son of Thomas Daniel. Esq., of Bryanston Place. Bryaustou Square. and of Braiswiek. EbSvx, to GRATIANA PULCIIARIA, second daughter of Captain Henry Hume Spence, R.N., of Devonshire Street, Portland Place, and of Malliug House, Sussex. Ou the 9th lost., at the district church of St. Mary, Itryanstou Square. Mary5ebone, L. FREDERICH G. Vnx Gsa.sYsix HonEssyrnr, of his Prussian Majesty's Thirteenth Regiment, garrisoned at Wesel, on the Male, to Lucy MARIA, second daughter of the late Thomas Oakes, Esq., of Upper Seymour Street, formerly member of Government in the Presidency of Madras, Etta Indies. On the 10th inst., at St. John's, Paddington, liEuxaan GRANVILLE LAVABO. ER.. Thirty-ninth Regiment. to Maas ANNE, Widow of the late Rev. Edmund Dowker, Vicar of Salton, Yorkshire.


On the 31st ult., at Charlton, near Cheltenham, the Lady MAIM MORGELL, Wife of Thomas Ruyse Morgell, Esq., late Major Eight Hussars. Lost, on board the ship Golconda, on his passage from Madras to China, in October last, Lieutenant-Colonel issun, Thirty-seventh Regiment Madras Native Infantry.

Ou the 6th inst., at Paingtott. Demo, of scarlet fever, Grolunaria, eldest child of the Bee. J. G. Hall, of King's College, London.

On the 3d inst.. at Bloxham. near Ranbury, the Rev. Memos WEST. in his 52d year. On the 6th inst.. at the Rectory, Great Staumore, ELIZABETH. Wife of the Rev. A. R. Chauvel, in her Slat year. On the 7th inst., at Cr rsliam. Wilts, of consumption. iu her 21st year. Carazares MARGARET MASSEY. second daughter of the late Major-General George Mackie, C.B.. formerly Gus eruor of the isiatid of St. Lucia.

Ott the 3d February, at his residence, Appin Lodge. near Sydney. New South Wales, in his 43d Near. J. J. GREGORY. R.N.. loutth son of the late William Gregory, Esq.

On the 8th lust.. at Redlaue, near Bristol. in her 84th year. GRIZEI.. Relict of the late R. N. Neamen. M.D., of Thorubury Park, Gloucestershire, sod Clifton. Bristol.

Oa the Leh February. at Welliugtou, Purt Nicholson, New Zealand, Mrs. F. C. Lo- Saieli, iu her 35th Year.

On the 8th inst.. at his house Ham Common. the Rev. T. HURL 13-D.. in iris 761E year. Ou the 4th inst.. at Petersham. the Hon. KEITH ELPHINsTuNE. daughter of John, eleventh Lord Eiphinstone, an i Wife of David Erskine, Esq., of Cardross. Ou the 10th inst. at Upper Clapton. GERTRUDE ELIZABETH. the youngest child of Dr. Bowring, M.P.. of Queen Square, Westminster. in her 5th year.