14 AUGUST 1841, Page 22


Tuesday, August 10.


Bamforib and Maite, Holmfirth. paiuters-F. stew and Palmer, Upper Whitecross Street, builders-Wiunall and Farmer, Wellington Shropshire. grocers-Hier and Roliatlian. Basealeg. Monmouthshire, surgeons-S.. J., end .1. Less. Ashton-under• Lyue, roller-makers-J. and I). Robertson, Liverpool. toitters-Watkins and Yeomans, Llauelly. Breconshire, grocers-Kt me and Jepsou. Yolk. linendrapers-Baines anti Sutcliffe. Clifton Bridge, Yorkshire, bobbin manufacturers-Simpson and Moor, Furnivars Inn. attornies-Bird and Hyett. Cheltenham. milliners-Lite d aud Robe- them. Manchester, guremannfacturers- Haynes and Co Coleman Street, carpenters; as far as regards Haynes-Haeon and Ward, workiug-je a ellers-Meredith and Pitt, Ludlow. surgeons-Yapp and Co. Worcester. grocers-Ctetum and Ce. Went Brom- wich, ironfounders-Holder and Willis, Claremont Mews. Clerkenwell, livery stable- keepers-Herrou and Co. Lad Lane. Manchester warehouseman ; as far as regards Tevereham - Nodin and Lozley. Certcheelfriars -S. and T. Smith, Madeley, archi- tects-Woodman and Fellowes. Rickumusworth, brewers - C. and H. March, Alwalton Mills. Huutiugdonshire. millers -S. and J. Pummell, Old Kent Road. fishmongers- W. M. and J. East. Brewer Street, St. Pancras. butchers-J. and R. Heushaw. Birmingham, dye sinkers-Result* and Lees. Tuustall, manufacturers of earthenuare -Mallalieu and Luthmau. Merthyr Tydvil, uewspaper-proprietors -T. and W. Dubb, Wickersley, Yorkshire, stone-masons -Emslie and Sutherland, Aberdeen, goldsmiths.


BLOOD, MICHAEL, North Audley Street. surgetm. August 7.


Ileeesamorow, Jerre, King's Arms Yard. wholorde tea-merchant, to August 31.


Betrows, Jogs, Bristol. sugarmanufacturer, to surrender Aug. 24, Sept. 21 : solicitors, Mears. White and Whitmore. Bedford Row; and Mmes. Bevan, Bristol.

FARR. THOMAS. Manchester. silk manufacturer. Aug. 25. Sept. 2L: solicitors. Messrs. Johnson and Cu. Temple; and Mesee. Bagshaw and Stevenson. Manchester. FORD. HARRIS, Manchester, lineraltaper. Aug. 25. Sept. S1: solicitors, Messrs. Turner and Heitman. Basing Lane ; and Messrs. Bennett. Manchester. Lane. GEOR06. Birmingham, merchant, Aug. IS, Sept. 21: solicitors, Means. Ad- bugton and Co. Bedford Row ; and Mr. Amplecte Birmingham. Neteort. HORITIo, Pendleton. shopkeeper, Aug. 24, Sept. 21 : solicitors. Messrs. Milne aud Co. Temple; and Mr. Sutton, Manchester.

&HOLES. GEORGE Binow, Locktock Hall. Laumshire. muslin-manufacturer. Sept. 1, 21: solicitors, Messes. Adliegton and Co. Bedfiud Row ; and Mr. Law, Maucheoter. Termoit, THOMAS. Royston, Hcrtfordshire, innkeeper, Aug. 14. Sept. 21: solicitors. Church. Bedford Row; aud Messrs. Nash and Co. Royston ; official assignee. Mr. Whitmore. Besiughall Street. WARREN. Joists ALEXANDER. and TAYLOR, Jerre FORDHAM. Little Hermitage Street. ship chandlers. Aug. 17. Sept. 21 : solicitor, Mr. Walton, Wapping Street ; °Merril as-

siguee, Mr. Carman. Fausbury Square.

WILSON, THOMAS, Liverpool. fancy shawl-dealer, Sept. 2, 21 : solicitors, Mr. Oliver, Old Jewry; and Mr. Evans, Liverpool. emu-Ewes.

Sept. 1, Earle. Castle Street, Long Acre, coach master-Sept. 1. Hervey, Brick Lane. St. Luke's, ironfounder -Sept. 15, Whitehead. Fleet Street. printer-Sept. 3. Bawdon, York, brush-maker-Sept. 3. Sergeant, 11 irrow, Lincolnshire, draper-Sept.

10. Webster senior. Hahne, Lancashire, banker - Sept. 2. Browne. Lowestoft. cooper - Sept. 9, Wiukfield, Lynn Regis, draper - Aug. 31. Griffiths, Newport. Slim shire. mercer-Sept. 6, Brown. Southampton. timber niercLant -Aug. 31, W. and J. Wilson. Boston. drapers-Aug. 31, Jeenes, Exeter, bookseller-Oct 12. Booth. Great Driffield. shoemaker-Sept. 4, Ryder, Kingston upon-Hull, grocer-Sept. 6. Williams. Bridge, bent. brewer-Sept. 1. Gans, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, furrier-Sept. 1, Smith. Manches-

ter, engraver. CERTIFICATES, To he granted, unless cause be shown b. the contrary. on or before Aug. 31.

Bowden, Tepsham. Devonshire, shipwright- Garrard. Exmouth Street, Clerkenwell, linendraper-Radenherst. Birmingham, chandelier-maker-Thompson, Menkwear- mouth. ship-builder-Betting field Stowmarket. surgeon -Nobbs, Maiden Lane. Covent Garden. hotel-keeper -Bleukare, Watling S one warehuusemau-Dadley, Bristol, builder - Blauch. Bath. irounieugtir H. and J. Wilkins, London Wall, wool mer- chants - Hebblewhite, Kingston -upon -Hull. woollendraper -Holcroft, Bolton-le Moors, bookseller- Proffitt juuior, DarlasIon, S affureshire. buckle-maker-Cox, Nottingham. grocer- Fothergill, Rochdale, cense spinner.


Jorrewroer, THOMAS. Trinity. market-gardener, Aug. 16, Sept. 9. Kennels, JOHN, Glasgow. builder, Aug. 16 Sept. 6.

Friday, August 13.

PARTIeritsarIps otsmil.egn.

Bromley and Black, Commercial Road. St. George's. leadenerchants-Perkins and Co. Swansea. coal-merchates-Smale and Hardie. Bideford. Devonshire. attornies- Davis and Clifford. Northampton, coach makers- Funeell and Hawes. Brighton, poullerers-Thompson and Creswell, Manchester, etternies-Arthur and Co. Manches- ter, packers-Grumbridge and Speakman, Ratcliffe Highway, liueudrapers-J. L. and C. J. Clarke, Taunton. drapers-S. and E. J. Harris, Dorchester. nurserymeu-S. and W. P. Ware, Chard, surgeous-Ashton and Co. laverpool, merchants-Sellers and Pierce, Exeter, baby-linen•makers-Hembry and Smart, Frampton Cutterell. Glouces- ershire, millers-James junior and Leach, Newport. Monmouthshire, merchants- Myers and Sternberg. Cheltenham, pawnbrokers-Chappell and Brother. Maucheoter, fustiau-mmufacturers-Heigh and Co. Wakefield. woolstaplers-Marshall and Son, Mitten street, Finsbury, pewterers-Story and Robinson. Bood Street. tellers-M. and A. Wilkie, Liverpool. shipiagents-WhitlbOrDe and °cock. Judd Street. Bruns- wick Square. surgeons-Gwyn and Cu. Ramsgate, eineenerchauts; as far as regard's Thomoou-Smith and Co. Leeds, machine•makers; as far as regards Taylor. Fletcher, aud Archer- hall and Barton. Botheillithe. e' utraeters -Turnbull and Cowan, Wearer, Northumberland, liumadrnpers-Zepfel and Co. Huddersfield, clock-makers.


FICRISTOCR, THOMAS, Clement's Lane, merchant.


Awrow, Ososos, and M emend., GEORGE DUNCAN. Corn Exchange, Mark Lane, COM- factors, to surrender Aug. 21, Sept. 24: make., Mmes. Amory and Co. Thruguaortun Street; official assignee. Mr. Carman Fi,sletry Stone. Cursor:, HENRY, Worcester, proctor. Aug. 23, Sept. 24: solicitor, Mr. Hall, New Boswell Court.

FOSTER, ABRAHAM, Bridgewater, draper, Aug. 23. Sept. 24: solicitors, Messrs. Jen- kins and Abbott, New Inn.

Lute, W1LLTAII and JOHN. Manchester, calico-priuters, Aug. 31, Sept. 24: solicitors, Messrs. Abbott and Aruey, Churlutte Street. Bedard Square. NEWHAM, JAM es, and Pgairsuer. GE.,110E. Isle of Wughit, linendrapers, Aug. 23, Sept. 24: solicitors. Messrs. Hardwick aud Davidson, Cateaton Street.

NEwToN, GE0110.3, Martsck, Somersetshim, budder, Aug. 31, Sept. 24: solicitor, Mr. Cragg. Harper Street, Red Liou Square. &ATM JAMES and Co. Manchester, Scotch-warehousemen, Aug. 28, Sept. 24: solici- tors. Merits. Baxter, Lincoln's

Tuomesorr. Geoarre, South Shields, victualler. Aug. 30, Sept. 24: solicitor, Mr. Hoogs, n, Broad Street Buildings.

WIIMIT, JOSEPH, East Caeres, shipbuilder. Aug. 24, Sept. 24: solicitor, Mr. Lam- bert, Grays Inn. IMVIDENDS.

Sept. 4, Firth, Webber Street, Lambeth, licensed-victualler-Dec. 27. Harris. Fa- versham, grocer-Sept. 6. Orchard, Bath. upholsterer-Sept. 3, Stanley, Leeds. cloth- Merchant-Sept. 4, Bainbridge, Leeds, woolstapler -Sept. 3, Arinsby, Welton-under- Edge, chemist-Sept. 10, 11. R., J.. and .1. Fowles, Rochdale, joiners-Sept. 8, Hawes, Stoke Ferry. N. 'folk, common-brewer-Sept. 3, Hebblewhite, Kingston-upon-Hull, eoollendiaper-Sept. 8, Ware, Tiverton, tanner-Sept. 7. Barker. Birmingham. plater - Sept. 22, Franks. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. hatter-Sept. 10. Mullins. Bridgewater, scrivener-Sept. 9, Williamson, Bootee. carpenter-Sept.14. Reale, Liverpool, grocer - Sept. 3, Fletcher, Horsforth, Yorkshire, clothenauufacturer.


To be granted. fatless cause be shown (tithe eontraru. on or before Sept. 3. Watkinson, Meredith Street. Clerkeuwell, grocer-Treanor, Birmingham. hard- wareman- E ly, Gedling. Nottinghamshire, farmer--Procter. Stockwell, lunatic-asylum- keeper-Sayers, Ardiogley Sussex, draper- Menem. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. merchant -.levee, Beebe. iuukeeper-Bland, Bedford Row, attorney-at-law-Wilson and Crightun, Manchester. calico-printers-Williamson, Boston. carpenter-Dudgeon, Leeds. victualler-Huddleston, Monkwearmouth Shore, Durham, buat-builder-Ky- mer, Winsford, Cheshire, salt-manufacturer.


Bane, JOHN. Port Glasgow, baker. Aug. 18. Sept. 8. Notts. JAMES. Glasgow. writer. Aug. 19. Sept. 9.

Lam, Veltman, Edinburgh. cowfeeder. Aug 20, Sept. 24.

MASON or M DONALD, ALEXANDER. Ayr. shopman, Aug. 18, Sept. 15. MUNRO, WILLIAM. Glasgow, writer, Aug. 24, Sept. 21. Ross. JOHN. Portobello, spirit dealer, Aug. 18, Sept. 11.