14 DECEMBER 1833, Page 7



Rumours have been current during the week, of a misunderstanding between our Government and the Court of Russia ; and some speculations have been entered into in consequence. The effect of these operations has, however, been counteracted by the improved state of the Stock Markets at Amsterdam and Hamburg, and the demand which exists here for Money Stock. Some snore sales have been effected on the behalf of the Scotch Banks; but the Stock thrown on the market has been quickly absorbed. Money is not quite so abun- dant as last week, but is easily obtainable (at between 3 and 4 per cent.) on available Securities.

EAST INDIA SHIPPING. We had occasion some time ago to refute the erroneous statements of some of our contemporaries, as to the extent of the exportation of the precious metals ; and we find that the view we then took of the monetary state of the country has been fully borne out by the account, recently published, of the amount of bullion in the Bank of England.

In the Foreign Market (with the exception of a slight impremion made upon the market by some speculations upon the Russian misunderstanding), the prices of last week have been fully maintained. The demand for Dutch Stock, both for investment and exportation to Holland, has been greater than for some time past. More activity has been evinced in the Russian and Danish markets than we have recently witnessed. Some demand has also occurred for Brazilian, Mexican, and Columbian Bonds, for the Dutch market ; and the prices of these Securities are slightly above our last week's quotations.

Au attempt has been made to induce the Committee of the Stock Exchange to rescind the resolution by which the 3 per Cent. Stork of the Spanish Govern- ment has hitherto been excluded from this market ; but the proposition was negatived by a large majority, the numbers for it being only 2, and those op- posed to it 17. There can be but one opinion of-the propriety of the course pursued on this occasion; upon which we may remark, that if the capitalists of the other Money Markets of Europe had, by pursuing a similar course, prevented the late needy and profligate Government of FERDINAND, front supplying its pecuniary necessities, its exigencies would have long since compelled it to the acknowledgment and arrangement of the claims of the holders of the Cortes Bonds. Spanish Stock has fluctuated between 23,E and 03;3.; and closes at 231; 4. We are without any decisive intelligence from Portugal : the rumour of negotiation has improved the price of the Regency Scrip, which has been 57k, and is now 57. SATURDAY, TWETNE O'CLOCK.

The letters by the French mail have just been delivered ; and by them we are advised of an improvement of 5 per cent. in the prices of French funds on Thurs- day; the last price of the 3 per Cents. being 75. Our transactions have been very few ; and prices, generally, are nearly as yesterday. The market for Portu- guese Regency Bonds is rather depressed ; but we cannot learn that this state has been occasioned by the receipt of any intelligence from the Peninsula.


Our morning's quotation of the price of French 3 per Cents. was erroneous ; the closing quotation of Thursday should have been stated at 75 25, instead of 75; and the Improvement at 30 Cents. instead of 5. Consuls have been buyers at 4, but close at SS; 4. Spanish Stock has improved, and closes at 2:34. „;3 ; and • Portuguese Regency Bonds are at 503 L. The transactions of the afternoon have been quite unimportant. 3 per Cont. Consols. shut Belgian 5 per Cts.. 95 / Mexican 6 per Cts.. 36/ 7 Ditto On- Aceaunt Brazilian 5 per ftii+ ! Portuguese 5 p. Cts. 56-1 7s Newaseercentann. shut Danish:3 per Cis... 3;! Do. Regeo.S.5 p.Ct. 561 Bank Stock 210 1 Dutch 2s• per Cis... 4145041 Prus:al. ISIS, 5p.Ct. -

India Stuck shut French:I her Cts... II ussian,Ls22,5 p. Ct 1024 3

Exchequer Bills 43 4 Greek,1833,5 p.Cts. 104 i Spanis11,1.821,5p.Ct. oat i The Circassian, Douthwaite, from Ceylon to Bengal, was totally wrecked on the Sth of July, at the mouth of 4he Godavery River, near Madras. Arrived—OS' Margate, Dec. 7th, Protector, Bragg, from Van Diemen's Land; 1001, Jean. Guldie; and 12th, Eliza, Marshall, from Singapore. Off It msgate, 9111, William, Bong, front New South Wales. At Deal, Rh. Adventure, Williamson, from -New South Wales; and 11th, Diana, White, from the Cape. out Dover, 11th, Ellen, Dixon, from Batavia. At Liverpool, 7th, Patriot King, Clark, from Bengal ; 10th, Margaret, Taylor, from Mauritius; and Minerva, Metcalf, from Bombay ; 11th, Morgiana. Feathers, from Bengal; and Janet Izatt, Poe, from Batavia. At Cork, Stir, Edward, Green, from the Cape. At St. Helena, Sept. 22d, Hero, Thompson, from Bombay. At the Cape, Sept. 7th, Skeene, Boyd; and Emerald, Johnson, from 'Liverpool, Stir, Dorothy, Newbold; Falloder, Mould; Gleualvon, Brown ; 10th, Alexander, Waugh; 16th, Rubicou, Daniell:- St. George, Thompson; Columbine, Brown ; 191.11, Lord Hnugerford, 21st, Persian. Mallard; 2.2d, Westoe, Slur: 23d, Guiana, Tait ; and Hardings, Thornton ; all from London. At Madras. July 13th, -Beneoolen, Powell, front Liverpool. At Bengal, 5:11, Orontes, Canny ; and Arab, Spark, lona London; and Imogcn, Richardson, from Liverpool ; 11th, Ripley, Lloyd, from ditto; 13th, Research. Ogilvy ; 14th, Onyx, Chambers ; and 15th, Sare, Fawcett, from London ; '17th, Tapley, Tapley, from Liverpool; 18th, Cervantes, Hughes, horn the Caine; and 20th, Galatea. Tayet, from Bristol. Off Anjer, Aug. 2d. MC. Ships Scaleby Castle, Hillman; 14th, Thomas Greenville, Burnett ; and Waterloo, Blakely, from London, Tor China. At Van Diemen's Land, July 16th, Scamander, Rogers, from Liverpool ; 31st. Enchantress, Canny, from London ; Aug. llth, Thomas, Henby, from Leith; .12th. Emperor Alexander;Hurst ; Mary Ann. Jack ; and Curler, —, from London.

Sailed— From Gravesend, Dec. 801, Seppings, Freeman, for Ceylon; and Lord of the Isles, Heighten, for Bengal; and 9th, Meanwell, Morgan, for Van Diemen's Land.