14 DECEMBER 1844, Page 10


ARRivID.—Off Torbay, 12th instant, William Shand, Potter, from Calcutta. At Li- verpool, 11th, Cumana, }foodless ; and Lady Bute, M•Kinlay, from Calcutta; 12th, 'Druid, Ritchie, from Singapore; and Princes Charlotte, Griffiths, from Bombay. At .Greencck, 10th, Scotland, Cunningham. from Calcutta. At St. Helena, previous to 215th Oct. Bowling, — from China; Diadem, Harland ; China, Livesay; Queen, Asiatic, BarlowteInstina, Loader; Argyle, Kenney ; Kyle, Fletcher ; and At- kinson. M•Donald, from Calcutta ; and Tar, Langley, from Mauritius. At the Cape of Good Hope, Troubador. Graham ; Vectis, Neilson • 'Port Fleetwood, Vidler ; Naples Packet, Thompson ; and Vesta, Shearer, from London ; Prince of Wales, Emu; Isabel, Tuner; and Phoenix, Hughes, from Liverpool. SAILED.— From Gravesend, 7th instant, Oriental. Wardle and 9th, Cape Packet, Iamb, for Calcutta. From Liverpool, 7th, Trer, Ellis, for Ihimbay; 9th, Sir H. Har- ding% Lock; and Princess Royal, Owens, for Calcutta; 10th, Harbinger, Candlish, BriBillicapore ; llth, John. Walker, Kern; Bucephalus, Small; and Mary, Kemp, for ontbay.