14 DECEMBER 1844, Page 18


Tuesday, Dec. 10.


Attwood and Hewitt, Fareham, atternies-Forrest and Co. Mitre Chambers, Vet- church Street, merchants-Hargreaves and Gill, Blackburn, printers--Bowman and Co. Manchester-Conway and Marden, Beamiuster, Dorsetshire, tailors-Ions and Leybourne, Newcastle.upon-Tyne, curriera-Pawsey and Co. Ipswich, ink-manufac- turers-Canal Chemical Works, Chester-Dewar and Co. Stirling, coach-proprietors, Collisson and Co. Worcester, brewers-Booth and Co. Moult's Coppenhall, Cheshire.- mercers-May and Stewart, High Holborn, smiths-G. and W. Tillett, WiaterbustrOf. Gloucestershire, quarrymen-E. and J. Cawley, Lambeth Terrace. cabinet-makera-• Woolley and Co. Liverpool. merchants-Rankin and Co. Northwich, Cheshire, manu- facturing-chemists-Linsley and Co. Washington, Durham, farmers-Booth and Hens- by, Blackburn, drapers-Stanfield and Palmer, Wakefield, booksellers.


Owen, Stoke-upon-Trent, plasterer.


HYLENG, Jamas, Leeds, cabinetmaker, to surrender Dec. IT, Jan. 30: solicitor, M=. Torkington, New Bridge Street; official assignee. Mr. Turquand, Old Jewr Chanbust. Hearn, JOHN, Cadexten, Glamorgaushire, grocer, Dec.24. Jan. 21: •Mt. Seer, Swansea; Mr.thost, Bristol; alibis' tl assignee, Ur. Hunan. Hrisnd. .

13nerr, Jotter, Bury St. Edmund's, carrier, Dec. 20, Jan. 22 solicitors, Mr. Nettle- ' ship, Clifford's Inn; Mr. Demuth Bury St. Edmund's ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermanbury. BUCKNELL, STEPHEN, Hendon. carman. Dec. 17. Jan. 28 : solicitor, Mr. Abrahams, Lincoln's Inn Fields; official assignee, Mr. Graham. Coleman Street.

DRURY, Written STARR. Chester, ironmonger. Dec. 20, Jan. 23: solicitors, Messrs. Chester and Co. Staple Inn; Mr. Hostage, Chester ; official assignee, Mr. Bird, Liverpool. Grammes, Joins Taoism, Eaton, Buckinghamshire, grocer. Dec. 18, Jan. 22: solici- tors, Messrs. Bell and Co. Bow Churchyard; official assignee, Mr. Green, Alderman- bury. MAIDSTONE, Cartmarx, Cambridge, milliner, Dec. 17, Jan. 15; solicitor, Mr. Robin- son. Half Moon Street; official assignee, Mr. Bell. Coleman Street Buildings. MARTIN, JOHN, High Street. Shoreditel, tallow-chandler, Dec. 17. Jan. 14 : solicitor, Mr. Walter, Basinghall Street; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basinghall Street. NEEDHAM. ELIAS junior, Little Houghton. Lancashire, clogger, Dec. 21, Jan. 16 : solicitors, Messrs. Johnson and Co. Temple; Mr. Needham, Manchester; official assignee, Mr. Hobsou. Manchester.

HENDLE, WILLIAM Satanic. Penzance, tea-dealer, Dec. 19, Jun. 16: solicitors, Messrs. Hill and Mathews, St. Mary Axe; Mr. Terrell, Exeter; official assignee, Mr. Hernamau, Exeter.

Rosa. THOMAS. Nursling, Hampshire, brick burner, Dec. 17, Jan. 21: solicitor, Mr. - Johnson, Walcot Square; official assignee, Mr. Belcher, Kings Anna Yard.


Jan. 3, Collyer, Hythe. draper-Jan. 7, Altazin, Conduit Street, upholsterer-Jan. • '7...Brain, Rodney Street, Peutoeville, copperplate printer-Jan. 7. Dean. Milner Place, Lambeth, builder-Jan. 7, A. and C. Duncan. Tokenhonse Yard, merchants-Jan. 7, Gough. Newport Pagnell, grocer-Jan. 8, Newton aud Worsatu, Kiugsland Road, engineers-Jan. 10. Boulton junior and Palmer, Stafford, builders-Jan. 6, Bedding- tom Warwick, coach-builder-Jan. 10, Glazebrook, Birmingham, carpenter-Jan. 10, Hickiabottom, Burbage, Leicestershire. baker.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary. on the day of meeting.

San. 8, Snell, Ramsgate, lodginghouse-keeper -.Tau. 10. Williamson, Dowgate Hill,

• tobacconist-Jan. 10, Robinson. Strand. coal-merchant-Jan. 7, Addenbreok, Dudley, druggist-Jan. 7, Appleton. Deptford, shipowner-Jan. 4, Mann, Romford, banker- Dec. 31, Watson and Morris, Liverpool, brokers.

Tube granted, unless cause be shows to the contrary, on or bef.re Dec. 31.

T. and T. Humphrey, Kingston uponMull, shipwrights-Wolland, Exeter. turner- ' Coghlan, Almoudbury, woollen-cloth•matmfacturer - Good, Peckham, farmer - il'Laughlin. Long Lane, Bermondsey, hair-merchant.


Forster, Aldgate High Street. tailor ; first div. of Is. any Saturday ; Mr. Green, Al- dermanbury-Cadbury', New Bond Street, cheesemonger ; final div. of Is. 444. any Saturday ; *Mr. Green, Aldermanbury-Hammond senior, Has ant, brewer ; first die. of Is. 6d. any Saturday ; Mr. Green. Aldermanbury-Bail, Salisbury, cabinet-maker ; first div. of 6s. 8d. any Saturday ; Mr. Green, Aldermanbury-Dunphy, Burford, Ox- fordshire, victualler ; first div. of 4s. 3d. any Saturday ; Mr. Green. Aldermanbury- Brown, Duke Street, Manchester Square. chemist ; Mud div. of Is. Old. any Saturday ; Mr. Green, Aldermanbury-Tucker, Sutton Street, Commercial Road East, ship- owner ; first div. of 6s. 8d. any Saturday ; Mr. Green, Aldermanbury-Lancaster, Barge Yard, Bucklersbury, merchant ; final div. of 11d. any Saturday ; Mr. Green, Aldermaubury-Curtis, Stepney. shipping-butcher ; first aud final div. of Is. &L to- -wards Is. 10d. any Saturday ; Mr. Green. Aldermaubury-Ball, St. George's Place, Hyde Park Corner, tailor ; first div. of 9d. any Saturday ; Mr. Green, Aldermanbury -Wood, Oxford, surgeon ; first div. of 2s. 6d. Dec. 11, or any subsequent Wednesday Mr. Follett, Basinghall Street -Baseley. High Street, Southwark, cheesemouger; third .div. of ls. Dec. 11. or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Follett. Basinghall Street- Austin, Paradise Street. Rotherhithe, apothecary; first div. of 7d. on Dec. 11, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Follett. Basinghall Street-Barham, Emsworth, Hemp- ihire, lioendraper ; first div. of 2s. 6d. on Dec. 11. or any subsequent Wednesday; Mr. Follett, Basiughall Street-Forth. Nottingham. hatter ; first div. of 2s. on Dec. 12, or any.subaequent Thursday; Mr. Bittleston, Birmingham -Appleyard, Manchester, stuff- :merchant; first and final div. of 3s. 11d. on Dec. 18. or any subsequent Wednesday ; .Mr. Putt. Manchester-Thomas, Manchester, merchant ; second div. of 414. on Dec. 11, or any subsequent Wednesday; Mr. P..tt, Manchester- Ogden. Rochdale, sizer ; first div. of 5s. 9d. on Dec. 11, or any subsequent Wednesday; Mr. Pori, Mancheeter- ...Fothergill, Selby, apothecary ; first die. of 3s. 38. on Dec. 10, or any subsequent Tues- day ; Mr. Hope, Leeds-Phillips, HI ouk Street, Hanover Square, carpet- warehouseman; div. of 10d. on Dec.11, or any subsequeut Weduesday ; Mr. Follett, Basingliall Street --Ltidd and Fenner, Fenchurch Street, merchants; div. of 4d. on Dec. 11, or any sub- sequent Wednesday Mr. Follett, Basinghall Street-Jenkins. Craven Place, Old Kent 'Road, currier; first die. of 4s. 68. any Wednesday ; Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall -Street-Dethick, Temple Sheet, Whitefriars, lime-merchant ; first div. of 51d. any 'Wednesday; Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Smith. Sudbury, Suffolk, surgeon ; fret div. of 6s. 114. any Wednesday ; Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street - Tausley, St. John Street, West Smithfield; straw plait•dealer ; first div. of 2s. Old. on any Wednesday ; Mr. Whitmore, Basiughall Street-Wood, Basinghall Street, woollen- factor ; first div. of 2s. on any Wednesday ; Mr. Whitmore. Basinghall Street-Andrew, 'Ashton-under-Line. tea-dealer ; first div, of 3s. fid. on Dec. 17, or any subsequent Tues- day; Mr. Fraser, Manchester-Bates, Birmingham, factor ; first div. of 3s. 3d. any Thursday; Mr. Christie, Birmingham-Yeardley land Co. Ecclesfield, flax-spinners; 'first div. of 3s. 9d. on Dec. 10, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Fearne, Leeds-Senior Kirkheaton, Yorkshire. cloth-manufacturer ; second div. of 2d. on Dec. 10, or any sub- sequent Tuesday; Mr. Fearne. Leeds-T. and E.Williams, Liverpool, drapers ; first div. of 4s. Id. on Dec. 12, or any subsequent Thursday; Mr. Cazeuove, Liverpool-Webb, Leamington, hotelkeeper; div, e• ,s. 6d., on new proofs, Dec. 12, or any subsequent Thursday ; Mr. Bittleston, Birtus•,;ham-Milner, Brook Street, New Road, engine- -manufacturer ; second div. of Is. 6d. on Dec. 11, or any subsebuent Wednesday ; Mr. Rellett, Basinghall Street-Else and Dixon, Kingston-upon-Hull, millers ; first div. of 3s., and first and final div. of 12s. 68. on the separate estate of I. Else, on Dec. 10, or any subsequent Tuesday; Mr. Hope, Leeds.


Rioters, R., Gartferry. lime-merchant, Dec. 12, Jan. 3. Warsacx, J., Scorn, Ayrshire, grocer. Dec. II. Jan. '8.


Friday, Dec. 13.


Jackson and Smith, dealers in water-proof fabrics-Barker and Cotton, Savoy Street, Strand, livery-stable-keepers-Gale sad Son, Judd Place West, St. Pancras -Millard and Dowding. Old Sudbury, Gloucestershire, maltsters-Underwood and Hall, Adam Street West, Bryanstone Square, fishmougers-Garrett and Walter. Shoe Lane, eatiug- housekeepers - King and Tuck, Bath, iroamougers-Lewis and Co. Cardigan, mil- liners ; as regards M. Lewis-Cartwright aud Co. Turton and Bradshaw, Lancashire, bleachers; as far as regards J. Cartwright-Gould and Nichols, Dorchester, carriers- Danger and Co. Plymouth, porter-merchants; as far as regards R. C. Danger -Tyde. man and Morgan, Chelmsford. coal-merchants-Childs and Baker, Queen Anne Street, Cavendish Square, tailors-Beaumont and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire, stockbrokers- .Brooking and Bate. Bow Street, surgeons-Sairlings and Beckton, Manchester. cotton. sminners-Gleilhills and Co. Adwalton, Yorkshire, coal•merchauts-Harrison and East, 'Birmingham. glass-manufacturers.


Themes, H., Leeds, cloth merchant.


ATWATER, %utast, Devonshire Street, Queen Square, dyer, to surrender Dec. 19, Jan. 28 solicitor, Mr. Whittaker, Furnival's Ina ; official assignee, Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard.

llseet.av, HENRY, Liverpool, commission-agent, Dec. 20. Jan. 23: solicitors, Mr. Oliver. Old Jewry ; Mr. Evans, Liverpool; official assignee, Mr. Turner. Liverpool. Busseaosn, Taoism, Lincoln, boat-owner, Dec. 24, Jau. 14: solicitors, Messrs.

• Galworthy and Co. Cook's 'Court; Mr. Andrew, Lincoln; Messrs. Payne and Co. Leeds ; official assignee, Mr.Fearne, Leeds.

Deuce. BENJAMIN and Toomts Russets., Newcastle-upon-Tyne, cartwright, Dec. 19:Teb. 3 : solicitors, Messrs. Maples and Co. Old Jewry ; Mr. Gibson, Newcastle. Aspen-Tyne ; official assignee, Mr. Baker. Newcastle-upon Tyue.

I. FORA-TER, Joan, Leeds, cloth-manufacturer, Dec. 24. Jan. 21: solicitors, Messrs. Wiglesworth and Co. Gray's Inn Square ; Mr. Smith, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. ?carne, Leeds, Feaecis. Ansermit, Halkiu, Fliutshire, ironfounder, Dec. 23, Jan. 22: solicitors. -Messrs. Milne and Co. Temple ; Messrs. Roberts and Son, Mold, Fallabire ; assignee, Mr. Morgan, Liverpool. HARROLD, Groans, Birmingham, merchant, Dec. 24, Jan. 2l solicitors, Messrs. `Ryland, Birmingham • official assignee, Mr. Volpe. Banniosham la Bats; SAmuxL See'itton-Se.Mary, Norfolk, innkeeper, Dec.24, Jaa..111 :

Mr. Abbott, Rolls Yard, Chancery Lane; Mr. Day, Norwich ; official assignee. Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry. PABsoNs, SAinTEL, Manchester, paper-hanger. Dec. 24, Jan. 21: solicitors. Mr. Maw. New Bridge Sweet ; Messrs. Edge and Parker, Manchester ; official assignee, Mr. Fraser, Manchester.

SNEEWst. CHARLES, Wynyatt Street, Clerkenwell. victualler, Dec. 20, Jan. 24: sill- chore, Messrs. Buchanan and Grainger, Basiughall Street ; official assignee, Mr. Pennell. Basinghall Street. Seocsas-r. Iticneen. Rarnsgats, upholsterer, Dec. 93, Jan. 22 : solicitor, Mr. Lies molten, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; official assignee. Mr. Bell, Coleman Street Buildings: DIVIDENDS.

Jan. 10. Braddick, Bristol, tinnier-Jan. 10, Walker, Wetness. Lancashire, dealer-. Jan. 10, Parker, Manchester, coach-builder-Jan. 16, Whitehead, Ainsworth. Lases.- shire, brewer-Jan. 15. Broughton, Neetwich, banker-Dec. 31, Todd, Manchester, dealer in cotton. CERTIFICATES, To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrury, on Me day of meeting!. Jan. 4, Deacon. Waterloo Road, coal merchant-Jan. 4, Cock, Lambeth Walk, painter-Jan. 6, Walker. Birmingham. batter-Jan. 6, Garrett, Tipton, grocer-Jan. 16, Whitehead, Ainsworth, Lancashire, brewer. 20 be granted, u.nless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Ian. 3. Alderton, Brighton. tailor-Croxtou, Manchester, glass-dealer-Johnson, Norwich. chemist-Brady, Kingston-upou-Hull, brush-maker.


Rase, J., Invergordon. ironmonger, Dec. 18. Jan. 8. WEIR, J., Kilmarnock, tobacconist, Dec. 19, Jan. 9.

Woos. P., Edinburgh, solicitor. Dec. 19, Jan. 9.