14 DECEMBER 1844, Page 9

BANK OF ENGLAND.—An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and

8th vie- toria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday the 7th day of December 1844.


Notes issued £27,817,505 Government Debt r€11,015,100

Other Securities 2,984,98t

Gold Coin and Bullion 12,223,834

Silver Bullion 1,593,611

a £27,817,505



Proprietors' Capital £19,553,000 Government Securities, (in.

Rest 3,110,069

eluding Dead Weight An-

Public Deposits, (including

nuity) £13,540,6191 Exchequer, Savings Banks,

Other Securities 10,193,713 Commissioners of National

Notes 8,288,106 Debt, and Dividend Ac-

Guld and Silver Coin


counts) 5195,572

Other Deposits • • 8,942,809

Set en Day and other Bills... 966.455

.£32,857,905 Dated the 12th day of December 1849. £32,847.903 M. MARSHALL, Chief Cashier.