14 DECEMBER 1844, Page 9



The annual meeting of the Agricultural Protection Society was held yesterday ; and it afforded all the contrast to the League meeting of Wednesday which Mr. Cobden predicted. Instead of Covent Garden Theatre, the place was the Soceity's rooms in Old Bond Street ; and instead of the five or six thousand, there were forty persons present. The Duke of Richmond, the Duke of Cleveland, Mr. Philip Pusey, and some other leading Protectionists, were present. The report, read by Mr. William Miles, stated that the Society had distributed 30,000 copies of an address ; that British agriculture had everything to hope, and nothing to fear from inquiry; that the Anti-Corn-law League had ceased to send about their itinerant lecturers, and were now become a registration- club—a ground where the regulations of the Protection Society would prevent them from opposing them. The report went on to say, that it was believed large importations of flour had taken place under the Canada Corn Bill, and that an inquiry should take place upon that sub- ject; which would be brought under consideration at the next general meeting, on the 14th of January. Mr. Allnatt wished the Society to be more energetic in opposing the League ; but nothing on that bead was done, and the meeting adjourned to the 3d of February.