14 DECEMBER 1844, Page 9

The Coroner's Jury in the case of Mr. Bolestridge returned

the following verdict, differing from the two already returned in the cases of his fellow-sufferers-

" That James Bolestridge died in consequence of injuries received in a colli- sion of two trains on the Midland Counties Railway, on the 21st November last ; and that Robert Lightfoot and Jonathan Raven are guilty of man- slaughter, by causing the death of the said James Bolestridge."

The Coroner issued his warrant for the apprehension of Raven. The Jury also agreed to the subjoined resolutions ; which merit consi- deration, especially the third-

" I. That the management upon the Midland Railway is exceedingly de- • fective ; and the Jury cannot too strongly express their disapprobation of the manner in which the engineers, stokers, and guards are selected ; it not being considered a requisite qualification that they should be able to read and write : and that a presentment of these facts be made to the Board of Trade, with the signature of the Foreman and Jury attached. " 2. That a memorial from the Jury be presented to the Directors of the Midland Counties Railway Company on behalf of the widow of the late James Bolestridge. " 3. That a petition, signed by the Foreman and Jury, be presented to Par- liament immediately on its assembling, praying for an alteration in the law which prevents the relations of persons killed by culpable negligence from ob- taining compensation: the Jury also recommend that a petition to the same effect be forwarded by the inhabitants of Nottingham."

It seems most likely that some good must result from the attention which this lamentable disaster has forced upon the subject.