14 DECEMBER 1844, Page 9

The Hebdomadal Board of Oxford University came to a decision

Yesterday, upon the case of Mr. Ward, of Balliol College, author of The Ideal of a Christian Church ; and it was determined to submit three propositions on the subject to a Convocation, to be holden on the 13th February. The Standard gives this abstract of the propositions- " First, to censure the false doctrines in Mr. Ward's book, more particularly that doctrine which relates to subscription to the Articles of the Church.

" Secondly, to strip Mr. Ward of his degrees in the University, should he not submit and retract.

"Thirdly, to make provision that in future the Articles shall be honestly subscribed ; that is, in their plain grammatical sense, without evasion or men- ial reservation, but as far as the effect can be secured juxta animum imponentis."

In a circular letter to members of Convocation, Mr. Ward announces that he is preparing a defence, in the shape of a pamphlet ; and he begs them to suspend their judgment.