14 FEBRUARY 1835, Page 15


Sketch of the Political Career of the Earl of Durham, fly John Reid. liktlaker and Co., London; Reid and Co., Glasgow. HISTORY.

The History of Greece. By Thomas Keightley Author of the "Mythology of Greece and Italy," " Outlines of History," Sze Longman and Co. P/ITSW1.0nY, The Philosophy of Health ; or an Exposition of the Physical and Mental Constitit. that of Mon, with a View to tlw l'r lllll otion of Human Longevity and Happiness. Dy Southwood Smith, M.D. Physician to the Loudon Fever Hospital, &c.

Knight FICTION, The Picture, and the Proverous Man. fly the Author of " The Exile of

In 3 vols. cochrane and Co.