14 FEBRUARY 1835, Page 3

editor. The Pacha of Egypt had given a service of

plate to Mr. when she was about fifteen ; and, escaping from her father's house, Barnes, off which he bad dined. Mrs. Barnes had a present of a followed him to New York, whither his business had taken him ; bay- cachemere shawl from the Schah of Persia, of immense value, and so ing worked her passage over:as a cabin-boy. On arriving in America,

fine in texture that it could go into a snuffbox. Moscati also pre- she found that her lover was dead ; and having, as she said, no other tended to have fought ninety duels, and bit all his antagonists in the resource so good, she persevered in her disguise, and hired herself as a eye. He had a bullet in his pericranium, for which Sir A stley Cooper of. cabin-boy to go to St. Andrew's, where she was engaged by Captain fered him a thousand guineas. In short, the man seems to have done little M'Intyre. She now wished to go to her father's house again ; her else but utter the most ridiculous rhodomontade. It would appear that no secret having been discovered by a sailor who saw her washing herself.

notice was taken of his stories by the Times, till March last; when She had always been kindly treated by Captain 111,Intyre and the a M. Chapotin, of Paris, directed a letter to Moscati under cover to the crew. The Captain said, she was an active sailor, and would run up Times, in the supposition that he was a regular employe on that este- the shrouds in a storm as boldly as any one on board. The Lord blishment. This provoked the following note in the Times of 6th Mayor gave directions that she should be taken care of until her

„March 1834— father could be informed of her situation. She is said to be short in

" We have received a letter from Paris, signed ' Chapotin, Rue de Valois,' stature, and of a swarthy complexion; and her hands have become as inclosing a letter for a Monsieur Moscati, whom the writer addresses as con- hard as those of a seaman. nected with the Times journal. This is not the first time that we have heard At Bow Street, on Thursday, O'Gorman Mahon was held to bail of a person named Moscati pretending to be employed on this paper. We have for his assault on Mr. Wigley, the solicitor, in the passage leading or indirect, with the Times; and that we shall be greatly obliged for any in- from the Court of King's Bench. He was brought from prison, to

which he had been committed by the Judge for three days as a punish-

of this pretender. We shall be very happy, if M. Chapotin has been imposed ment for his contempt of court. Mr. lVigley's solicitor offered to upon by him, to lend our assistance to punish the impostor." compromise the matter, if Mahon would apologize, and pay a consi-

A correspondence ensued between Moscati and the Times in the siderable sum to any charitable institution. This offer was refused; course of which the former was charged with the lies he liacl told, and the prisoner declared that be had been called a ruffian, and grossly which he partly denied and partly admitted. The Times certainly abused, before he committed the assault ; and that he struck Wigley showered heaps of abuse upon Moscati ; who thus sums up the character on the impulse of the moment, not knowing who he was, else he should

" The Times described me as an impostor, a pretender, a vile calumniator, a The Reverend William Archibald Home was held to bail at the

The True Sun gives the following explanation of its intercourse with The actors at the Strand Theatre have been thrown into some alarm hail, and rain.

Committee-room No. 12 the of House of Commons. It was first opening th floor to the ceiling of the room. It was extinguished without doing -house keeper in Upper York flues to warm the house. This occasioned the conflagration of the old Eliza Pearce, a milliner and lodging House.

19th, and that he will vote against Sir Charles Sutton. They say—

of Sir Charles Sutton, you will attend Parliament on the 19th, and vote against the reappoint- If the Reformers be successful on that question, the consequence