14 FEBRUARY 1852, Page 19


Tuesday, Feb. 10. PART:4E12MM Dissoxven.-Dewar and Culliford, New City Chambers, insuranee* brokers-C. and G. Lambert, Limehouse, butchers-Henley and Son, Caine, wine* merchants-Wittmann and Co. New Oxford Street, warehousemen -Woollams and Carpenter, auctioneers-Coltman and Larrad, Leicester, turners-Read and Ellb, Liverpool, tailors-Davidson and Scotland, Liverpool. ale-dealers-Holmes and Smiths, Chesterfield, lace-machine-manufacturers ; as far as regards J. Smith jun.-. Black and Church, Strand, dagnerreotypers-Evans and Co. Mitre Court, Milk Street, manufacturers-Green and Co. Great Malvern, soda-water-makers-Dude and Salter, Slough, surgeons-Hamel and Co. New York-Palmer and Craven, Ware, attornies-Gregory and Bradley, Manchester, hackney-coach-proprietor-O. A. and T. J. Miller, Piccadilly, oil-merchants-Hartley and Reed, Botherhithe, shipwrights -Kinnear and Wilson, Robert Street, Chelsea, jeweller-Williston and Co. Liver- pool, sail-makers ; as far as regards R. Pace sea. Baxicaurrcv ANNULLED.-11z.raY FRANCIS WOLIABTON, Union Grove, Wands. worth Road, merchant. BANKRUPT/I.-ROWLAND BATEWAN and ROBERT HARDWICEE, Carey Street, printers, to surrender Feb. 20, March 26: solicitors, Fiddey, Temple; Brown, Wakefield; official assignee, Cannan, Aldermanbury-EDWARD Coosa Firm and ESENPSER WATHEP-N Frees, Howford Buildings, Fenehareh Street, merchants, Feb. 20, March 26: solicitors, Baker and Co. Lime Street ; official assignee, Cannan, Aiderrnanbury- WILLIAM EDWARD SPENCER, Holland Street, Blackfriare Bridge, mustard-manufae. facturer, Feb. 20, March 26: solicitor, Laurence, Gray's Inn Square ; official assig- nee, Whitmore, Baainghall Street-Joint BARKER, Queen Street, Stepney, wharringer, Feb. 23, March 27: solicitor, Tamplin, Fenchnreh Street; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Gxonax WATERHOUSE, Rupert Street, watch-manufacturer, Feb. 23, March 27: solicitor, West, Gresham Street ; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Clambers-Raum Trrcona, Highgate. butcher, Feb. 20, March 181 solicitors, Taylor and Mason, Furnival's Inn; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings-Jonit PLinsurr, Mitcham, clothier, Feb. 19, March 25: solicitors, Link.. later', thee Lane ; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall Street-Tnouss NUTLET, Heading. victualler, Feb. 20, March 16 : solicitors, Wright and Kingsford, Essex Street, Strand ; Cowper, Newbury, Berke ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-Ssasnat NoacuprE, Brydges Street, Covent Garden, victualler, Feb. 20, March 18: solicitors, Marsden, Queen Street, Cheapside; official assignee, Groom, Abchurch Lane-DANIEL JAMES FIELD and BOULTON Mosnesaux jun. Manchester, corn-dealers, Feb. 23, March 17 : solicitors, Crosley and Ludlow, Manchester ; official assignee, Pott, Manchester-Thum( BYROM and Co. Manchester, coal-proprietors, Feb. 20, March 12: solicitor, Janion, Manchester; official assignee, Lee, Manchester.

Drums/A.-March 5, Margarey, Love Lane, Billingsgate, coal-merchant-Feb. 28, Campbell, Regent Street, army-agent-Feb. 27, Granville, Wembley, Har- row-on-the-Hill, boarding-house-keeper-Feb. 28, Tattersall, New Wharf Road, Battersea, brewer-Feb. 27, Parkins, Cheapside, clothier-March 4, Tubb, Totten- ham, draper-March 2, Edmonds Park Place, boarding-house-keeper--March 5, Alderson, Great Marlborough Street, pewterer-March 4, Selby, Burleigh Street, Strand, wine-merchant-March 2, Howard and Gibbs, Cork Street, Burlington Gar- dens, money-scriveners-March 4, Hayhow, Ratcliffe Highway, boot-maker-March 4, Pennycad, Woolwich, grocer-March 4, Scarred jun. Oxford Street, carpenter- March 4, Davy, Newman Street, Oxford Street, colourman-March 4, Simmonds, Brighton, grocer-March 4, Cadby, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, stationer-March 1, Fray, Manchester, check-manufacturer.

CERTIPICAT28.-2b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.-March 4, Laws, Waltham Abbey, Essex, linen-draper-March 4, Higgin- son, Everton, Liverpool, cattle-dealer-March 4, Mason, Halifax, Yorkshire, draper -March 4, Cummins, Bradford, Yorkshire, linen-draper-March 8,punbar, Halifax, Yorkshire, boot-maker.

Dam.suarions OP Divrroucns.-Gates, Aylesford, grocer ; first div. of 5s. 12th Fe- bruary, and three subsequent Thursdays ; Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-Stringer, Chamber Street, Goodman's Fields, Italian warehouseman; first div. of ls. any Mon- day; Cannan, Aldermanbury-Clifton and Rawl; Bristol, wine-merchants ; div. of 6d. on the joint estate, and 20s. on each of the separate estates, Feb. 11, or any sub- sequent Wednesday; Acraman, BristoL SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS.-Black and Smith, Aberdeen, distillers, Feb. 13, March 5-Barrie, Glasgow, fiesher. Feb. 17, March 8-Dougall, Glasgow, grocer, Feb. 17, March 9-Baxter jun. Kerriemuir, tanner, Feb. 16, March 8-Miller, Tru-bolton, Ayrshire, carrier, Feb. 16, March 13.

Friday7.Pebruary, 13.

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-Hill and Co. Hull, merchants ; as far as regards J. Hill-Spooner and Co. Talbot Court, Gracechurch Street, wine-merchants-Young and Co. Heaton Mersey, Lancashire, bleachers-Fletcher and Pearson, Wrote Hill, Idle, Yorkshire, delvers-Staid and Allen, Bishops Waltham, schoolmasters- Hedges and Le llay, Bristol, potato-dealers-H. and A. Culmer,, Little Earl Street, St. Giles, grocers-Schofield and West, Hull, stock-brokers-Smalley and Co. Eux- ton, Lancashire, cotton-spinners-Barnes and Brothers, Burnley, cotton-spinners ; as far as regards J. Barnes-Oram and Hunter, Hatton Garden, razor-strop-makers -Francis and Brittain, Coventry, brokers-Williams and Noel, Moorgate Street, engineers-Hammond and Rayne, Bishop Auckland, mercers-Hodge and Batley, Adam Street, Adelphi, engineers-W. H. and B. Baster, Queen's Buildings, Knights- bridge, warehousemen-J. and H. Tinegate, Preston in llolderness, Yorkshire, mil- lers-Earp and Co. Uttoxeter, brewers, as far as regards J. Earp -Allenby and Bourne, Louth, attornies-Stevens and Webster, Borough Road, Southwark, isinglass-ma- nufacturers-Ragland and Spencer, Manchester, weighing-machine-manufacturers- W. W. and H. Woodhead, Rotherham, farmers-If. L. M. and J. M. Hawthorn, Tottenham Court Road, grocers-Bullock and Gibbs, Duke Street, Grosvenor Square, tea-dealers ; as far as regards J. Bullock-T. and C. Phillips, Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, corn-dealers-Lockhart and Watson, Liverpool-Swift and Hoot- son, Wigan, cotton-spinners-Crowhurst and Slaughter, Seal, Kent, artificial-ma- nure-merchants-Lawson and Parnell, Oxford Street, drapers-Ainley and Co. Hud- dersfield, cloth-manufacturers-Crowther and Welsh, Manchester, merchants- Horsburgh and Co. Liverpool, wine-merchants-Bastow and Barter, Newton Abbot, Devonshire, grocers-Robert and Nitsch, Mount Street, Grosvenor Square, tailors M. T. and E. H. Pitcher, Bridport, grocers-Huntley and Lamb, Banbury, bakers -Bargman and Young, Bermondsey- Wall. ship-chandlers-Wingate and Co. Glas- gow, merchants ; as far as regards A. Wingate-The North of Scotland Banking Company, Aberdeen ; as far as regards J. Stewart, J. Rowell, and G. Skakle ; and the North British Australasian Loan and Investment Company ; as far as regards J. Stewart and J. Rowell-The North British Australasian Loan and Iniestment Com- pany; as far as regards A. Johnston-Kevan and Buttle, Glasgow, warehousemen. B.usxanrrs.-Tuonss Palmas's, Cold Harbour Road, Brixton, builder, to sur- render Feb. 27, March 26: solicitors, Meymotts, Blackfriars Road ; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-WILLIAM ltonewrs, Warren Street, Camden Town, builder, Feb. 24, March 25: solicitor, Charlton, Southampton Street, Fitzroy Square ; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings-Gannon Law, Harrow Road, hat- ter, Feb. 20, March 26 : solicitors, Routh and Bowden, Southampton Street, Blooms- bury; official assignee, Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Groaoe LILLYwHITE senior, Cumberland Place, Brixton Rise, furrier, Feb. 26,. March 23: solicitor, Apps, Great James Street ; official assignee, Edwards, Frederick's Place-JOHN JAMES, Nether- ton, Worcestershire, tailor, Feb. 26, March 22: solicitor, Southall, Birmingham; ffi ocial assignee, Christie, Birmingham-Jour; Frreinerr, Birmingham, casting- pot-maker, Feb. 24, March 13: solicitors, Chilton, Burton, and Johnson. Chan- cery Lane; Suckling, Birmingham; official assignee, Bittleston, Birmingham- JOHN Susan= WARD, Bruton, Somersetshire, silk-throwster, Feb. 25, March 24: solicitor, King, Bristol ; official assignee, Hutton, Bristol-Jons Fames, Lincoln, draper, Feb. 25, March 24: solicitors, Sykes, Nottingham; Hark, Leeds ; official assignee, Carrick, Hull-WILLIAM WHITEHOUSE, trader, Feb. 26, March 18: soli- citor, Thompson, Liverpool; official assignee, Turner, Liverpool-Mal-ram Wax- um, Macclesfield, silk-dyer. Feb. 26, March 18: solicitors, Slater and Heelis, Man- chester; official assignee, Lee, Manchester-WILLIAM FosTea, Great Bolton, con- fectioner, Feb. 26, March 18: solicitor, Sutton, Manchester ; official assignee, Lee, Manchester-Jong CAILE, Whitehaven, grocer, Feb.25, March 30 : solicitors, Evans and Son, Liverpool; Bownaa, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; official assignee, Baker, New- castle-upon-Tyne. DITIDENDIL-March 5, Gedge, Leicester Square, linen-draper-March 5, W. Woods, Basinghall Street, warehouseman-March 8, Small, Folkestone, tailor- March 9, Farrer, Old Fish Street. wins-merchant-March 5, Jones, Church Street, Blackfriars Road, currier-March 9, Young, Woolwich, wine-merchant-March 5, M'Kenna, George Street. Hanover Square, tailor-March 5, Crisp jun. Beetles, corn- merchant-March 5, Ground, Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire, draper -March 5, Trough- ton, St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill, merchant-March 5, True, Downham Market, Norfolk, ironmonger-March 5, Nesbitt and Co. Aldermanbury. merchants-March 9, Turner, Eastbourne, Sussex, draper-March 5, Cummins, Bradford, Yorkshire, linen-draper-March 5, Whitworth, Leeds, millwright-March 5, Mason, Halifax, draper-March 5, Pennock, York, farrier-March 6, Eyre, Sheffield, grocer. CERTIFICATES.-To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of nteeting.-March 9, Barnjum, Pall Mall East, and Willesden, wine-merchant-March 9,.Meane, Brighton, brewer-March 9, Whalley, South Minnie, victualler-March 9, Shuttleworth, Saffron Walden, ironmonger-March 6, Ideates, Conduit Street, Hanover Square, grocer-March 91 Young, Woolwich, wine-merchant-March 5, Edwards, Toxteth Park, Lancashire, boarding-house-keeper-March 8, Lawton, Liverpool, chemist-March 9, Wilson, Liverpool, printer-March 6, Eyrc, Sheffield, grocer. DECLARATIONS OF Divrninins.-Whitehead, Hanley, merchant; first div. of 41d. any Thursday ; Christie, Birmingham-Robson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, manufac- turer of plaster of Paris ; div. of ls. 10d. on new proofs (being in part of the first div. of la 6d. previously declared), Feb. 14, or any subsequent Saturday ; Wakley, New- castle-upon-Tyne-Parker, Oxford, brewer; first div. of Is. 6d. on Saturday next, and three subsequent Saturdays • Groom, Abchurch Lane-Evans, Fen Ditton, inn- keeper; first div. of 6d. on Saturday next, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Groom, Abchurch Lane-Coker, Shipdham, timber-dealer ; first div. of 71d. on Saturday next, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Groom, Abchurch Lane-Kelly, Cannon Street, coal-merchant ; first div. of Is. 6d. Feb. 28, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Ed- wards, Sambrook Court-Wood, Chatham, lieut. 68th Regt. of Foot ; sec. div. of Is. and 13s. on new proofs, Feb. 14, and three subsequent Saturday ; Edwards, Sambrook Ct.- Shide, Isle of Wight, brickmaker; second div. of lad. and Is. Wad. Feb. 14, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Edwards, Sambrook Court-Robinson, Manchester, coach-builder ; first div. of lad. Feb. 17, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Fraser, Man- chester-Beach, Bradford, apothecary ; first div. of 4s. any day on or after Feb. 16 ; Young, Leeds-Hannah, Huddersfield, cloth-dresser; first div. of 2.1. any di on or after Feb. 16; Young, Leeds-Smith, Leeds, iron-founder; third div. of 3 d. any day on or after Feb. 16 ; Young, Leeds-Dove, Leeds, currier; first div. of 3s. 4d. Feb. 17, or any subsequent Monday or Tuesday; Hope, Leeds-Woodcock, Leeds, calenderer ; first and final div. of itad. Feb. 17, or any subsequent Monday or Tues- day; Hope, Leeds-Walker and Casson, Manchester, corn-factors ; first and final div. of 5-12ths of a Id. Feb. 17, or any subsequent Monday or Tuesday ; Hope, Leeds. Scorer( SEnentrra.s.noxs.-Black, Aberdeen, wine-merchant, Feb. 21, March 20_ Miller, Ayr,:ironmonger, Feb. 18, March 17-Howison, Edinburgh, spirit-merchant, Feb. 19,11arch 15-Wood, Edinburgh, importer of Swedish leeches. Feb. 20, March 15'