14 FEBRUARY 1903, Page 25

In the series of "Little Guides" (Methuen and Co., 3s.)

we have Kent, by George Clinch, Illustrated by F. D. Bedford. Mr. Clinch writes a aseful introducCon, in which he briefly describes the geography, the physical characteristics, fauna and flora, population, industries, antiquities, &c., of the county, and follows this with an alphabetical list of the localities, &c., in which each, with any important fact that concerns it, is briefly characterised. The book is made more attractive and convenient by illustrations, maps, and plans. One of the chapters in the introduction deals with the subject of "Communications." We hope that in a future edition Mr. Clinch will not fail to pillory the audacious statement of the late Sir E. Watkin to the Kentish Mayors : "Gentlemen, the county of Kent has been made by its railways."