14 FEBRUARY 1903, Page 24

Letters from India. By M. Catharine Albright. (Cornish Brothers, Birmingham.

is. net.)—This little volume gives us a succession of remarkably vivid pictures of Indian places and Indian people. The travellers landed at Bombay, and made their way with but little tarrying on the road till they reached Lahore. This place, Agra, Delhi, Udairpur (Oudlipore), Ajmer%

Benares, and Darjeeling are described in more detail. But what- ever the writer touches, whether it be in haste or at leisure, she snakes reel to us. Her attitude throughout is that of the spectator; she does not pretend to judge. It might have been as well to omit the chapter entitled "The True Religion ?" Miss Albright is wise enough not to look down on Eastern things from a Western standpoint; but she is quite competent, it would seem, to regard what she is pleased to call "rival faiths" from the position of the "superior person."'