14 FEBRUARY 1903, Page 3

Colonel Kinloch's side of the case was put forward in

Wednesday's Times by his brother-in-law, Mr. W. Bromley- Davenport, M.P. Mr. Davenport, replying to Admiral Cochrane, begins his letter by stating emphatically that neither Colonel Kinloch nor he "has ever attempted, or will attempt, to condone or excuse the abuses complained of." Colonel Kinloch's complaint, he states, is that "these abuses were never brought to his knowledge by the victims themselves or by their relatives." He "had no knowledge of them, and he could have had no knowledge of them, because they were studiously concealed from him. His grievance is that he has been sentenced without being charged, that he has been condemned unheard." It will be noticed that Mr. Davenport does not combat the allegations made against the behaviour of the officers of the battalion; he is concerned only with the justice of the action taken in regard to Colonel Kinloch.